Business Management

  • Trump Immigration Policy Likely to Be Enforcement-Heavy

    President-elect Donald Trump campaigned with an immigration enforcement-first message, focusing on border and E-Verify for employers, an overhaul of guest worker programs and rescinding some of President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration that allow for deferred deportation and work authorization for certain unauthorized immigrants. He also said he would implement a biometric entry-exit visa tracking

  • Global Demand for Insulation

    Global demand for insulation is expected to rise 3.7% per year to 26.0 billion square meters of R-1 value in 2020. Developing countries are expected to account for the majority of insulation demand gains, with rising building construction activity and industrial output driving growth.

  • Trends in Employment: How Firms Can Adjust to Attract and Retain Talented Workers

    To learn more about why students continue to gravitate toward positions in engineering and the greater construction industry, Insulation Outlook staff recently sat down with students and newer entrants to the workforce to get the inside scoop on what they look for in their careers. Many Millennials graduated college at the height of the recession, which has led to a heightened focus on choosing a course of study that has solid job prospects.

  • How Customer Analytics Can Help Your Business

    In today’s business environment, everything is about analytics; but, companies may not be capitalizing on this valuable asset. The first step is to find a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that allows your business to capture and utilize this data.

  • Five Keys to Inventory and Supply-Chain Management

    Inventory management has a profound effect on jobsite operations. If proper inventory-management techniques are not followed, it can cause costly project delays. Following are 5 tips from National Insulation Association (NIA) distributor members on how to ensure proper inventory management and a smooth inventory supply chain.

  • Recovering Safely

    Work Is Coming Back: Will the Workers You Hire for the Job Meet Your Safety Standards?

  • Reverse Mentoring

    Why You Should Turn Mentoring on its Head and Have Millennials Coach Older Workers

  • Legally Speaking: Health Care

    It can be somewhat difficult to keep abreast of the developments regarding the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Following is some additional information in simple outline form to assist you as you prepare for these new regulations. Individual Mandate Postponed The individual mandate originally required legal residents to obtain healthcare insurance beginning in 2014 or face

  • Gazing into the Crystal Ball

    A look at 4 different predictions from construction sources about what will impact the industry in 2014.

  • Construction Industry Growing Steadily

    A look at the opportunities and challenges facing the industry over the next few years.