• Understanding Passive Fire Protection and the Potential Growth Opportunities to the Mechanical Insulation Industry

    The mechanical insulation industry has a long history of understanding and promoting the safety, process, and environmental benefits of properly designed and installed insulation systems on piping, vessels, and equipment. However, one area of relatively untapped demand is the use of non-combustible thermal insulations within industrial applications to provide what is referred to as passive

  • A Tactical Approach to Insulation System Design

    Understanding Pitfalls that Can Slow Down the Installation Process

  • Zombie Specifications

    Is your boilerplate language up to date? When was the last time that you reviewed the insulation materials and system design that you recommend to clients? All too often in mechanical insulation system design specifications, the boilerplate language goes unrevised for long periods of time, even years.

  • Preventing Mechanical Insulation Systems Nightmares

    Before starting a discussion of the issues associated with mechanical pipe insulation system failures (nightmares), it is important to note that the vast majority of insulation applications function as designed, meaning they provide 1 or more of the following: energy savings, process control, personnel protection, emission reductions, noise reduction, condensation control, and plant operating efficiencies for the life of the application.

  • What You Need to Know to Have an Insulation System that Performs for Decades

    When making a large investment on a commercial insulation system, facility managers should be aware of the causes and negative effects of damaged insulation, as well has how to prevent damage through correct installation and maintenance techniques. With the many different types of mechanical insulation available and varying environments, including indoor and outdoor systems, determining

  • Avoiding Condensation on Systems that Operate at Below-Ambient Temperatures

    Mechanical insulation on any type of operating system requires continual supervision and maintenance to perform properly. Unfortunately, insulation is often overlooked or taken for granted, despite the fact that insulation offers the simplest, most economical opportunity to save energy costs—if it is maintained. Insulation on systems that operate at below-ambient temperatures is prone to condensation

  • Preventing Mold Growth in Below-Ambient Systems

    Below-ambient systems create unique environments that have the potential for a multitude of issues, one of which is mold growth. Mold growth can occur either on or in mechanical insulation on pipes and tanks if the right conditions are present. When mold grows inside duct work, it can be a very significant issue, and cause

  • Insulation Accessory Products

    Adhesives A variety of adhesive types are available for many different applications, including insulation attachment, insulation-fitting fabrication, and facing. Adhesives are available in water-based, solvent-based, hot melts, reactive-cure, pressure-sensitive, and aerosol formulations. These adhesives can be applied through numerous methods, including brush, spray, trowel, and roll coater. When selecting an adhesive, the insulation type, service-temperature

  • Legally Speaking: Health Care

    It can be somewhat difficult to keep abreast of the developments regarding the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Following is some additional information in simple outline form to assist you as you prepare for these new regulations. Individual Mandate Postponed The individual mandate originally required legal residents to obtain healthcare insurance beginning in 2014 or face

  • Construction Industry Growing Steadily

    A look at the opportunities and challenges facing the industry over the next few years.