April 2021

Also in the April 2021 Issue:

Captains of Industry

The NIA staff interviewed the Presidents and CEOs of allied associations to bring our readers a better perspective on how 2020 impacted the different sectors of the construction industry and what is predicted for the remainder of 2021. We offer our thanks to the industry leaders pictured here for taking the time to share their

Energy, the Environment, and an Optimistic Perspective in 2021

In many ways, the more times change, the more they stay the same. This statement may raise more than a few eyebrows, considering the seismic shifts our world has experienced since I contributed an article to Insulation Outlook in 2019. Just months after I authored my article about bright prospects for the industrial insulation sector,

Leveling Up Your Employees

NIA offers numerous virtual education and training programs. With significant discounts for members and engineers, NIA offers distinct virtual learning programs and educational pathways to fit the needs of industry members at all career levels. Beginner NIA’s Mechanical Insulation Basics (formerly known as “Mechanical Insulation Education and Awareness Campaign E-Learning Modules”) Mechanical Insulation Installation Video

2021 Economic Perspectives

Architectural, Engineering, and Construction CEOs See Signs of Stabilization and Recovering Confidence The Construction Industry Round Table (CIRT) is composed of approximately 120 CEOs from leading architectural, engineering, and construction (A/E/C) firms doing business in the United States, and their member CEOs serve as prime sources of information, news, and background on the design/construction industry

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