December 2018

Also in the December 2018 Issue:

The Construction Industry and Immigration Reform

For almost 20 years, the construction industry has been sounding the alarm about the declining numbers of U.S. workers entering the industry and the need for a supplemental workforce whose efforts will contribute to the GDP of an industry that can’t offshore its ultimate production. Immigrant workers are not a new concept to the construction

The Opioid Crisis: The Construction Industry’s Simmering Threat

Drug overdoses claimed more than 64,000 American lives in 2016, which is nearly double the amount only a decade ago. Theories vary about the reasons behind the dramatic increase, although many attribute it to doctors prescribing opioid medications more frequently. Despite stagnant levels of reported patient pain, prescription opioid sales to pharmacies, hospitals, and doctors’

Preparing the Industry’s Next Generation

In the mechanical insulation industry, the transfer of knowledge to the next generation of leaders is a top-of-mind topic, but these mentoring tactics can be used by engineers and architects as well. To learn what’s happening on the ground in all sectors of the industry, Insulation Outlook interviewed a handful of National Insulation Association (NIA)

Safety Matters: ‘Tis the Season—Keep Safe this Holiday Season

This month we want to help protect you at work and at home. Please use these tips if you are planning on celebrating any of the upcoming holidays. Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Solstice, it’s important to stay safe! It’s the holiday season! The winter holidays are time for family, friends, festivities,

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