December 2020

Also in the December 2020 Issue:

A Different Perspective: What to Know About Ceramic Fiber

Ceramic fiber insulation has been used in high-temperature applications for more than 70 years. Read about where it came from, its unique characteristics, and how it meets a range of needs in industries ranging from power generation (including solar power) to the steel and foundry industry, as well as specialty applications.

What Engineers Need to Know and Where Support Can Be Found

While insulation is critical to ensuring that systems and equipment meet performance and budget goals, design of insulation systems is not typically at the forefront of an engineer’s training. Matching insulation benefits to customer requirements, and gifting a trove of informational resources, this article is a must-read for anyone involved with insulation system design.

Insulation is an Investment and an Asset

NIA members know the value of insulation, but do those outside the mechanical insulation industry recognize that it is an asset yielding significant return on investment? Read about how insulation can pay for itself, and how free tools—the Mechanical Insulation Design Guide and the 3E Plus® calculator—can help you determine exactly how much insulation is needed to reach your customer’s economic, energy, and environmental goals.

Pandemic Heightens Need for Retirement Planning

For many, the pandemic has had a catastrophic financial effect, sending people to dip into retirement plans well before they ever imagined. Even those in better financial positions are not necessarily building up retirement resources these days. This article discusses four key areas of planning to help position you and your employees for a healthy retirement.

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