January 2016

Also in the January 2016 Issue:

Using Insulating Firebricks to Maximize Energy Savings in Iron and Steel Applications

Engineering design and the lining materials chosen are key factors in controlling the efficiency and energy usage of equipment used in iron and steel applications. Thus, it is critical that industrial designers understand the advantages and disadvantages of the materials they choose. One option for lining material is insulating firebricks (IFBs), which can minimize energy

Overcoming Common Safety Issues With the Installation of Industrial Insulation

There are several concerns industrial insulation contractors must consider when installing products in hazardous power plant environments, including the plant’s heat output, the probability of fly ash and acid gas, the implications of tight operating proximity, and many other issues that are unique to specific types of plants and installations.

Reduce Noise With Sound-Proofing Insulation

Sound waves generated in industrial environments add up to noise that can be reduced with insulation.

Preventing Damage to Insulation Systems

On the design table, many insulation materials can work for a variety of piping and tank applications; design considerations often include insulating value, fire safety, resistance to corrosion, and other factors. However, planning must also take into account real-world conditions that may be likely to occur, such as freeze/thaw cycles, system movement, potentially crushing loads

2016 Construction Forecast

The expansion for the construction industry has been underway for several years now. The construction start statistics show 2010 as the initial year of recovery, although a real recovery with a meaningful contribution from the housing sector did not take hold until 2012. There has been an increasing contribution from commercial building, and 2014 saw

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