January 2017

Also in the January 2017 Issue:

Understanding Passive Fire Protection and the Potential Growth Opportunities to the Mechanical Insulation Industry

The mechanical insulation industry has a long history of understanding and promoting the safety, process, and environmental benefits of properly designed and installed insulation systems on piping, vessels, and equipment. However, one area of relatively untapped demand is the use of non-combustible thermal insulations within industrial applications to provide what is referred to as passive

A Tactical Approach to Insulation System Design

Understanding Pitfalls that Can Slow Down the Installation Process

Tools for Learning the A–Z of Mechanical Insulation

While people may generally know insulation is beneficial, few people receive an education on how many benefits it has, and more importantly, how to properly design an insulation system based on the unique conditions around that system. The National Insulation Association’s (NIA’s) research has found that most engineers and specifiers receive no training on this

The Language of Insulation

The National Insulation Association (NIA) publishes a glossary of insulation science terminology, which is updated quarterly by NIA’s Technical Information Committee. Below is a list of new and commonly used terms. Visit insulation.org/about-insulation/system-design/techs-specs to download the full glossary or see NIA’s other technical resources. Thermal Properties of Insulation Usually expressed as C-value, K-value, R-value, and

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