June 2018

Also in the June 2018 Issue:

Value Engineering: What’s the Real Cost?

Is there a Value in Value Engineering? Value engineering can be a controversial topic. Some would call it an effective way to reduce costs, while others claim it leads to improper material selection or installation, leading to complications for the system down the road. When designing a system and choosing materials, it is important to

Safety Stars™

The National Insulation Association (NIA) recently announced the 2017 Theodore H. Brodie Distinguished Safety Award winners. NIA’s Safety Award is the only national award for outstanding safety performance in the mechanical insulation industry. NIA created the award program more than a decade ago to recognize top companies that have established structured safety programs to ensure

Safety Matters: Choosing A Safe Contractor Pays

Smart project owners and contractors should take steps to pre-qualify subcontractors based on a number of factors, including financial strength, work experience, and insurance coverage. Safety performance should also be one of the main considerations in choosing a subcontractor. A serious accident can bring even the best-managed project to a screeching halt. Subcontractor liability issues

Safety: An Outsider’s Perspective

I recently met with NIA members to discuss safety, drawing on my experience with amusement park and ride safety. It became clear the insulation and construction industries shared similar safety concerns. In the amusement industry, we obviously have the unique perspective of not only managing workplace safety, but also patron safety. Both staff and guests

Not So Frequently Asked Questions About Insulation and Mechanical Systems

At the National Insulation Association’s (NIA’s) recent 63rd Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida, representatives from the Technical Information Committee hosted a panel discussion where panelists had the opportunity to answer live questions from the audience, anonymous questions submitted in advance, as well as sharing a variety of questions that they have heard over their many

Advice from the Field: What Insulation Professionals Wish You Knew

We asked several National Insulation Association industry leaders what design issues they face and what information that they would like engineers, system designers, and specifiers to know. Their responses are below. Steve Luse is the fourth-generation CEO of Luse Thermal Technologies (www.luse.com), a NIA Union Contractor member company founded in 1923, and a multifaceted construction,

Educating the Insulation Industry

In April, NIA held its 63rd Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida. This event, which draws leaders from around the world, is critical in helping the insulation industry meet the demands of an ever-evolving building industry. 96% of respondents indicated the program content/education met or exceeded expectations 92% of respondents indicated networking with NEW customers met

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