June 2019

Also in the June 2019 Issue:

NIA Announces 2018 Theodore H. Brodie Distinguished Safety Award Winners

Read about the winners of NIA’s Safety Awards, the only national safety excellence award in the mechanical insulation industry.

The General Duty Clause: Exploding Barbecues, Killer Whales, Distracted Driving, and Other Workplace Hazards

OSHA’s General Duty Clause is the catch-all requirement that expands the universe of citable safety violations.

Safety Matters: Safety Culture: As Explained by Goofus and Gallant®

A comparison of two insulation companies and their different approaches to safety.

OSHA Regulatory Update

An OSHA spokesperson provides the latest regulatory developments for our readers.

How to Create an OSHA-Compliant Safety Program

A step-by-step discussion of how to create or change your safety program.

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