May 2021

Also in the May 2021 Issue:

NIA Announces the 2020 Safety Excellence Award Winners

Each year, NIA honors a select group of members with its Safety Excellence Award, which is the only national award for outstanding safety performance in the mechanical insulation industry. To recognize top companies that have established structured safety programs to ensure the well-being of their employees and create safe working environments, NIA created this award

Introducing the 2021 Premier Industry Manufacturers

“Congratulations to these three leading companies!” said Michele M. Jones, NIA’s Executive Vice President/CEO. “Especially this year, these Associate members led by example and found innovative ways to promote the industry and NIA. We look forward to recognizing them in person later this year at our Annual Convention and promoting them all throughout 2021.” The

Prioritizing Insulation: Protecting People, Systems, and Investments in All Seasons

Editorial: Think About Insulation First Insulation is a simple and proven solution that works in every season and could have made a world of difference during the week of frigid weather in Texas, Louisiana, and the Midwest this winter. While this situation was catastrophic, it brought our nation’s attention to what happens when insulation is

NIA Surveys Confirm Market Expectations and Forecast Growth in 2021–2022

Every 2 years since 1997, NIA has conducted a survey to gauge the size of the mechanical insulation industry; and since 2013, it has also surveyed the laminated metal building insulation segment. The surveys are sponsored by NIA’s Foundation for Education, Training, and Industry Advancement (“the Foundation”) to provide valuable data regarding market size and

A Different Perspective: Benefits of Insulation in the Power-Generating Industry

The many benefits of the insulation used throughout the power-generating industry have been considered for almost 100 years. The three key benefits are preventing heat loss, providing personnel protection, and conserving/saving energy. Achieving these benefits has remained a fixture in boiler design since the early 1920s, with the development of the tube and tile boiler—a

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