November 2017

Also in the November 2017 Issue:

Case Study: Remediating Chilled-Water Pipe Insulation at a Football Stadium and Convention Center

Author’s Note: “While Hurricane Harvey was devastating to some regions of Texas, to the best of my knowledge, the buildings mentioned in this article were not flooded by Hurricane Harvey. Even if the stadium and convention center had flooded, I engineered an insulation system that does not absorb water, so the system should not be

Chill Out: Maintaining Integrity of Chilled-Water Systems

A chilled-water system can be defined as a re-circulating water system using water chilled in a refrigeration machine as a source for cooling. In most commercial applications, this cooled water is used as part of an HVAC system for conditioning the temperature of the air in a room or building. We often think about the

Finding and Managing Warehouse Workers Is “In-the-Trenches” HR

A casual drive around Scranton, Pennsylvania, reveals one of the most significant challenges that local distribution centers face in trying to attract employees: an extremely competitive market. One billboard announces lofty starting salaries at’s newest local warehouse. Less than a mile down the road, another billboard touts jobs at the new distribution center

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