November 2019

Also in the November 2019 Issue:

What Makes the Insulation Industry So Great!

Readers and NIA members share their thoughts on why our industry is so rewarding for those of us who work in it, all those who benefit from it, and our planet at large.

The New Overtime Rule is Finally Here

The criteria for which workers are eligible for overtime pay are changing, effective January 1, 2020. Amy Mitchell and Matthew Bakota break down what employers need to know.

Safety Matters: Technology in Safety

The year was 1994, and I was an eager, young safety professional on one of my first solo assignments. The consulting firm I worked for had been hired by an insurance company to conduct a safety inspection for a client. The job site I was sent to was a roofing project in a city I

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA’s) Cold Stress Guide

As the seasons change, for many, the dangers of extreme heat are replaced by those of cold stress. OSHA offers tips on how to keep yourself and your employees safe while working in cold environments—indoors and out.

Global Foamed Plastic Insulation Study

This new study analyzes global demand for foamed plastic insulation.

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