October 2018

Also in the October 2018 Issue:

New Study on Occupant Comfort Advances Saint Gobain’s Design Approach for Renovation and New Construction

Saint Gobain, the building materials supplier, has released the results of a 3-year-long study that compared occupant comfort for the 800 employees at its old headquarters in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, with the comfort levels for those same employees after they moved into the company’s new 277,000-sf North American headquarters in Malvern, Pennsylvania, which opened in

Want Happy Employees? You Need Insulation

The Saint Gobain building study was undertaken for the purpose of being able to get quantified metrics on how exactly building and design choices affect personnel and thus, business operations. The subjects were studied for 3 years in the first building, and then before and after they moved into the new building. The unique circumstances

Commercial Product Guide

We are excited to share the Commercial Product Guide from the October issue. In this helpful guide, manufacturers give details on products that have been used in the commercial insulation industry. Click here to view the Commercial Product Guide   Copyright Statement This article was published in the September 2018 issue of Insulation Outlook magazine.

A Conversation on Commissioning

Editor’s Note: Commissioning first showed up in the building market in 1977 when Public Works Canada started using it in their project delivery system. Others got on board in the early 1980s, and the decade closed with ASHRAE Guideline 1, first published in 1989. Electric utilities promoted commissioning and its use became more widespread, including

Condensation Control: Why the Proper Insulation Choices Will Keep You Out of the Rain

Where Is this Water Coming From? All air on earth contains at least a little bit of moisture in the form of water vapor because of the earth’s atmosphere and climate.1 This means that water vapor is always going to be present in the air around your systems and will condense into a liquid with

Safety Matters: Are You Experienced?

There is some debate about what Jimi Hendrix was asking about when he sang “Are you experienced? Have you ever been experienced?” Chances are he was not talking about workers’ compensation insurance ratings, but who knows? Maybe Jimi knew that experience ratings not only affects your workers’ compensation insurance premiums, it can have a strong

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