October 2020

Also in the October 2020 Issue:

An Air Filtration Primer for Building Owners and Developers

Whether the threat is COVID-19, the flu, or some other airborne pathogen, having an effective air filtration system in place can enhance the health and safety of building occupants. Read about strategies for improving indoor air quality in existing structures and new construction.

Mechanical System Operation and Enhancement to Reduce Pandemic Risks

How can you use existing HVAC systems to lower risk of disease circulation and transmission? This article provides 3 levels of detailed strategies that offer you and the building owners and facility managers you work with options to reduce risks to health and safety during the pandemic.

Finding Opportunity during Disruption: Strategies to Boost Backlog

COVID-19 has caused disruption throughout the construction industry. By developing a focused, proactive strategy and adjusting your business practices, you can counteract the effects of a decline in backlog and come out of the pandemic stronger.

9 Reasons You Should Use Microlearning in Your Training Program

Using your cell phone, you can create and send your team microlearning trainings that offer convenient, just-in-time knowledge. Learn how you can use the approach to expand your training toolbox.

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