Tools to Promote the Value of Insulation


Mechanical Insulation Industry Marketing Flyers
NIA created 3 different industry marketing flyers that are available to our members to promote commercial and industrial data; the MIDG Simple Calculators; and the Mechanical Insulation Education & Awareness E-Learning Series, respectively. Learn more 

The Power of Insulation: A Proven Energy-Saving Solution
This brochure answers the question, “Why insulate?” and also provides a list of helpful resources and insulation tools. Click here to view a PDF version.  Learn more

Quality NIA Insulation Contractor Brochure
Available only to NIA members, this brochure explains the value of selecting a trained professional insulation contractor.  Learn more

Mechanical Insulation Awareness PowerPoint Presentation
This PowerPoint presentation can help members demonstrate the benefits of mechanical insulation to a variety of audiences.  It can easily be used alongside many of the existing NIA educational materials. Contact for details.

Industry’s Most Wanted Posters
These posters illustrate poorly insulated items and the savings that could result from proper insulation. Learn more

 NIA Certified Faced Insulation® Brochure
Certified faced insulation (formerly NIA-404) meets the unique thermal and acoustical requirements of metal buildings. Click here to read the standard.

Actual Insulation Materials  

Insulation Sampler
The NIA Insulation Sampler provides samples of 20 generic mechanical insulation product types and accessories. The kit is an excellent tool for your internal training and resource library, as well as external sales discussions and presentations. Learn more