I am NIA

The National Insulation Association represents the joining of people from all segments of the insulation industry. Member companies join for various reasons and their employees get different benefits from their participation. Tell us what you get out of your membership with NIA: Why are you NIA?

I am NIA videos

Share why you are NIA by shooting a quick video with these 3 sentences.

  1. “I am (Name) of (Company Name), and we provide (service/product) in (location).
  2.  I value (one sentence on your favorite benefit or aspect of NIA).
  3. That’s why I am NIA.”

These videos will be shared on social media to show the diversity of membership benefits and members. Because together we will all have a stronger tomorrow!

Laura Dover, Dover Insulation

Matt Caldwell, Caldwell Insulation

Recording tips and tricks!

  • Pick a non-distracting, attractive background.
  • Concentrated on speaking slowly and clearly.
  • Look into the camera and be sincere. Try not to read your statement.
  • Hold your phone sideways—so that the video will be full screen.
  • Look into the light. The light source should come from the front, not behind or you will be a shadowy figure.
  • Avoid areas with an echo or loud noises.