Welcome New Members

Welcome New Members

The NIA world is expanding! We are excited to welcome the following new companies. We encourage you to read the information each company has submitted and see if they are a potential new business partner for your company.

MacArthur Co.

Joined: January 2024
Website: www.macarthurco.com
Attn: John Donnelly
Address: 2400 Wycliff St.
St. Paul, MN 55114-1220
Phone: (651) 646-2773
Specialties: Acoustic Products/Services, Building Envelope, Commercial Insulation, Distribution, Fire Proofing, Firestopping, HVAC Insulation, Industrial Insulation, Plumbing Insulation

About MacArthur Co. Industry
MacArthur Co. has been around for 110 years! We began selling insulation and a few other products in 1913. In 2005, MacArthur was purchased by the employees and has operated as an ESOP ever since. Today we have 65 branches, of which nearly 40 wholesale distribute an array of performance insulation products, as well as roofing and HVAC. We specialize in fiber glass, elastomeric, mineral wool, tapes, cladding, fire proofing, extruded, high temperature, and more.

Why did you join NIA?
"We were excited to join NIA after having been involved in MICA and WICA for many years—
we want to continue to build our brand on a national level."

G&M Insulation, LLC

Joined: January 2024
Website: www.gandminsulation.com
Attn: Pete Engen
Address: 967 W. Ave. N.
West Salem, WI 54669-1016
Phone: (608) 786-1222
Specialties: HVAC Insulation, Plumbing Insulation

About G&M Insulation, LLC
G&M Insulation, LLC of West Salem, Wisconsin, is a full-service mechanical insulation contractor for commercial, industrial, and institutional construction projects since 2008. We specialize in HVAC insulation and plumbing insulation.

Why did you join NIA?
"We were looking over our affiliations and wanted to make sure we were part of the national association."

Larch Industry

Joined: January 2024
Website: www.larchindustry.com
Attn: Jason Ackerley
Address: 770 N. 2nd St.
Berthoud, CO 80513
Phone: (970) 578-0051
Specialties: Commercial Insulation, Heat Tracing, HVAC Insulation, Industrial Insulation, Removable Insulation, Scaffolding

About Larch Industry
Larch Industry is a contracting company out of out of Berthoud, Colorado, with more than 50 years’ experience in industrial insulation. We are an industrial manufacturing insulation
company that specializes in projects for food and beverage, oil and gas, ethanol plants, chemical processing plants, and other manufacturing facilities.

Why did you join NIA?
"Larch Industry made the decision to join NIA and we couldn’t be happier. The resources we have access to have helped us make more informed decisions while building our business. The customer service with NIA is top tier and their team has been more than helpful when navigating the Education Center. We highly recommend anyone in the insulation industry to be a part of NIA."

Dongin Engineering Co. Ltd.

Joined: January 2024
International Affiliate
Website: www.dongineng.com
Attn: Sang-ki Kim
Address: 52, Gangdongsandan-Ro
Gangdong-myeon, Gyeongju-si
Gyeongsangbuk-do 38033
Phone: +85-54-774-4880

About Dongin Engineering
Dongin Engineering, with over 30 years of experience in insulation construction for nuclear power plants in South Korea, stands out as a leading expert in the field. Notably, power plants undergo periodic maintenance activities, which involve extensive insulation removal, disposal, and reinstallation. To address the recurring insulation-related issues arising during these maintenance processes, Dongin Engineering has developed a product known as RAPID (Reusable Advanced Plant Insulation Device), a reusable metal-clad insulation solution.

Tupreco S.A.

Joined: January 2024
International Affiliate
Website: www.tupreco.net
Attn: Jose Cespedes Rojas
Address: de Rex Internacional
225 mts ests, Bodega
Heredia, 40703
Costa Rica
Phone: 506-22395627
Specialties: Fabrication

About Tupreco 
Trupreco has been leader in the production of pre-insulated pipes for hot and/or cold fluids for more than 15 years. We produce with raw materials that comply with quality standards. With extensive experience in polyurethane foam and thermal insulation, we have worked in a variety of sectors, including chilled water systems, air conditioning, industrial processes, and hot water. Our technical knowledge includes the adoption of international standards such as ISO, ASTM, and ASHRAE.

Why did you join NIA?
"Tupreco joined the prestigious institution of NIA to participate in the key developments of the insulation industry. We have excelled at the local level, and through NIA, we will belong to a group of well-respected manufacturers, allowing us to fully participate and give our clients the latest technology while always improving."

Aislantes Minerales, S.A. de C.V.

Joined: January 2024
International Affiliate
Website: www.rolan.com
Attn: Arturo Echeverria
Address: Descartes No. 104
Nueva Anzures 11590
Mexico City, Mexico
Phone: 52-55-1036-0640

St Clair EH&S

Joined: December 2023
Attn: Brent Desrochers
Address: 33 D'Andrea Trail
Sarnia, ON N75 6HS
Phone: (519) 328-5654
Specialties: Manufacturers Representative

About St. Clair EH&S
St. Clair EH&S Inc. is a consulting company with our main office located in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. We provide environmental health and safety services with a focus on managing designated substance compliance programs (i.e., asbestos, lead, etc.) and various other inspection programs (i.e., infrared thermography, insulation, fireproofing, coatings) in the
industrial and commercial sectors. We provide various services such as bulk and air sample
collection, laboratory interpretation, and assist clients with governmental compliance and
project management. In conjunction with our infrared thermography inspection program
(i.e., steam line/boiler, energy conservation, buildings/roofing systems, and mechanical/
rotating components, etc.), we utilize the 3E Plus® software to help customers recognize
the value of utilizing mechanical insulation for energy conservation and environmental
preservation. After completion, all inspections and surveys are uploaded to a web-based
database, which can be accessed by clients in the field with their mobile device. Whether
you require inspection services or more complex program management we are committed to helping our customers achieve their goals in a safe and timely manner.

Why did you join NIA?
"Our company joined NIA because we recognize the value of the NIA and the industry-leading professional training programs they offer to the insulation industry. As our company continues to expand our services and grow within the insulation industry, we also look forward to the networking opportunities NIA has to offer to grow our business."

Enerpaper Srl

Joined: December 2023
International Affiliate
Website: www.enerpaper.com
Attn: Giandomenico Re
Address: Corso Castelfidardo 30/A
Torino, 10129 Italy
Phone: +39 348 2360114
Specialties: Building Envelope, Fabrication

About Enerpaper Srl
Enerpaper Srl is an International Affiliate in Torino, Italy. We manufacture building envelope and fabrication products throughout Italy. Enerpaper specifically produces insulation materials for blowing installations through an innovative process based on paper rolls to be flaked during installation. Besides logistical advantages (e.g., lower volumes to be installed and transported), Enerpaper’s process provides high thermal insulation performance. Within the next couple of years, we hope to expand into the United States.

Why did you join NIA?
"Enerpaper recently joined NIA because we are planning to join the U.S. market and this association is the most important in the field. NIA provides the right market knowledge we were looking for, within the best business network possible."