Member Testimonials

Our members say it best! Here's what current NIA members are saying about how membership with NIA has benefited their company.

“As the main representative for Distribution International with NIA, it’s truly fulfilling to see the benefits firsthand that the association brings to our business and industry. Our company has evolved in many ways in the last decade or so and being a part of NIA has helped us in numerous ways along the way.  We have been able to utilize the training and educational programs available to us through our membership, and we have even added to our access in recent years to capitalize on this tremendous benefit. Additionally, the networking and relationship-building opportunities that NIA provides us is unparalleled. It’s amazing to see the various channels of our industry come together in a common way to help each other grow and propel the industry to new heights. I’d strongly recommend membership to anyone who aspires to grow their business in insulation and related segments.”

John Brooks, Sen. Dir. of Sales
Distribution International
Distributor, $50+ Million
Corporate Member Since: 1998

"Being a part of NIA has helped to raise the overall level of professionalism in our firm. One of the many benefits we received from our participation in this association is access to the knowledge and wisdom of fellow industry colleagues. The personal relationships that have been formed inside this association are key to our continued success. NIA is the leading industry association for furthering your knowledge and influence in the insulation industry."

Matt Caldwell, Pres.
Caldwell Insulation, Inc.
Union Contractor, $15-20 Million
Corporate Member Since: 2000


"As a small insulation contractor, we find membership in the National Insulation Association to be a great investment that provides invaluable opportunities for education, relationship-building, and industry support. NIA makes is possible to share with and learn from others in similar businesses all over the country, which not only helps our company, but elevates our industry as a whole."

Laura Dover, Pres.
Dover Insulation, Inc.
Merit Contractor, $0-3 Million
Corporate Member Since: 1996


"NIA provides a great network for members to build relationships, recognize our partners, make new industry friends, collaborate on industry issues, and collectively solve problems."

Reid "Huck" Finn, Pres. of APi Construction
APi, Inc.
Union Contractor, $50+ Million
Corporate Member Since: 1956


“I am proud to be a member of the National Insulation Association because it allows me to connect with a community of like-minded professionals who are passionate about promoting the benefits of insulation. Being actively involved has also given me the chance to collaborate with individuals who are dedicated to promoting energy efficiency, saving lives, and protecting people, and ultimately, contributing to a more sustainable world. NIA has provided me with resources, support, and a sense of belonging to a group that is making a positive impact in the insulation industry and is passionate about it.”

Ginny Gier, Area Sales Manager
Owens Corning
Associate (Manufacturer)
Corporate Member Since: 1966


"Being in the insulation trade and working in most every aspect of the business for the last 42+ years, I have found that NIA provides a platform for information, associational relationships, and educational resources for manufacturers, distributors, contractors, and anyone looking to evaluate the importance of insulation in the efficient production, storage, and use of energy of all types. Over the years, the unique support that comes from being a NIA member within a competitive community has created friendships and resources that are invaluable to the long-term personal and company success many benefit from today."

David Patrick, Sen. Mgr., Major Projects
Specialty Products & Insulation
Distributor, $50+ Million
Corporate Member Since: 1984


"Performance Contracting, Inc. has always maintained active participation in NIA and the events that surround the organization. I have played an active role with NIA for the past 15 years when I started as a student, new to the insulation industry. Membership in NIA continues to offer companies unparalleled access to a network of industry professionals, providing a wealth of educational tools, content, and professional development opportunities across numerous topics and formats.  The investment that NIA has put into creating a robust Education Center is a benefit to its membership and affords all of us an opportunity to develop knowledge within the different levels of our organizations. I look forward to the chance to connect with others in the industry at the Annual Convention and Fall Summit.”

Shawn Reichenbach, Reg. Mgr.
Performance Contracting, Inc.
Union Contractor, $50+ Million
Corporate Member Since: 1966

"Armacell is a proud member of the National Insulation Association, with representatives participating on various committees, including the Technical Information, Associates, and Young Professional Advisory Committees. NIA offers a space for Armacell to engage in, contribute to, and share knowledge regarding the latest technologies and developments within our industry. Participation in NIA also fosters relationship-building with other companies that are equally interested in improving the presence and education of the mechanical insulation industry. It is truly a great organization, which like Armacell, is committed to making a difference around the world by contributing to the professionalization of the sector and by setting industry standards."

Sandy Shattles, Dir. of Mktg.
Associate (Manufacturer)
Corporate Member Since: 1956


"My company, Performance Contracting, Inc., has been involved with NIA for many years, and I personally have been active in NIA for over 15 years. The NIA experience has been invaluable for me and my involvement in the insulation industry. NIA provides something for everyone, regardless of a company’s size or location. From a safety, networking, relationships, education, and industry awareness perspective, NIA has something to assist you in your day-to-day business operations. The addition of NIA’s Education Center provides a great resource for training new employees and continuing education for your teams. In my opinion, the key to unlocking NIA’s potential is involvement. Before I became active in NIA, I did not fully understand and appreciate all that NIA has to offer for personal and business development. By attending Annual Conventions and Fall Summits or serving on a committee, the relationships you develop and the knowledge you gain about our industry are extremely beneficial."

Rick Sutphin, Sr. VP Ops.
Performance Contracting, Inc.
Union Contractor, $50+ Million
Corporate Member Since: 1966

"As a leading figure in the metal building insulation lamination sector, Silvercote A Service Partners Company, embraces the significance of NIA and the imperative for companies like ours to actively engage. By fostering and participating in transparent and equitable committees, we tackle pressing issues, cultivate safer work environments, create pathways for our industry’s future growth, and persistently enhance our capabilities to serve as effective industry advocates. I could keep going, but I would like to share a phrase that has led many people to success, ‘get in, be brilliant, get out.’ I hope my thoughts about NIA membership show that by ‘getting in’ and taking advantage of your NIA membership, it will offer opportunities to help you ‘be brilliant’ and support you as you ‘get out’ into your market!"

Robert Tiffin, Natl. Accounts Mgr.
Silvercote, A Service Partners Company
Laminator, $50+ Million
Corporate Member Since: 2015


"Through my participation in NIA’s events over the years, I have met numerous colleagues who I can rely on for support and expertise when I encounter a new challenge. The educational experiences at the events have broadened my overall knowledge of our industry, making me a better leader. I would like to encourage all NIA members to stay engaged in the organization and take advantage of what our organization has to offer."

Brian Willett, Pres.
Gribbins Insulation Company, Inc.
Union Contractor, $30-50 Million
Corporate Member Since: 1990