NIA’s Insurance Program

NIA's Environmental/Pollution Liability Insurance Program, offered by Navigators and Alliant/Mesirow, is available exclusively for NIA members and will offer supplemental protections and liability coverage. Ensure your risk management strategies are staying ahead of the curve with key pollution risk exposures with broad occurrence coverage for pollution incidences caused by your work including:

  • Contracting operations;
  • Transportation activities (first and third parties); and
  • Waste disposal facilities.

Protection for key pollution risk exposures including:

  • Release of vapors resulting from negligent installation;
  • Water damage resulting in fungus caused by negligent installation;
  • Inadvertently damaging a pipe during insulation installation, causing a release of fluids;
  • Disturbance and release of asbestos fibers while replacing insulation;
  • Disturbance of lead paint-containing materials while replacing insulation;
  • Release of fibers or dust; and
  • Claims arising out of waste disposal.

Coverage Highlights


Pollution Coverage

  • 90-day automatic extended reporting period (ERP) and available supplemental ERP up to 36 months;
  • Defense outside the limits of liability and not subject to deductible or sublimit;
  • Fines and penalties exclusion limited to criminal;
  • Intentional acts exclusion; giveback for specific advice by counsel and emergency response;
  • Non-auditable for premium;
  • No professional exclusion;
  • Restoration costs include repair/ replacement upgrades with materials meeting green standards; and
  • Waiver of subrogation and additional insured status for insureds’ clients when required by written contract.

Optional Coverage

  • Environmental crisis management coverage (no deductible; $100k sublimit);
  • Miscellaneous professional liability coverage (claims-made trigger);
  • Site pollution liability coverage (claims-made trigger); and
  • Sudden and accidental coverage (15-day discovery, 30-day reporting), including midnight dumping.

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