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The Building Envelope: Codes, Codes, and More Codes
The metal building industry has witnessed a tremendous shift over the last several years. Increasingly stringent energy codes have propelled the industry toward more sustainable construction and innovation that we wouldn’t have imagined a few decades ago.

Quick Contractor Questions: Insulation Outlook Interview Series
Insulation Outlook staff recently sat down with some NIA members for a conversation about what’s going on in the world of contractors.

Insulation: Where Science, Technology, and Innovation Meet
Perhaps the most well-kept secret in the world of energy efficiency tools, thermal insulation is a vital component of properly functioning buildings and facilities.

Four Cornerstone Skills Engineers Need for the Future of Work
With the growing influence of the impending fourth industrial revolution, new disruptive technologies will continue to alter the employment landscape—especially for the engineers at the epicenter of this shift.

Removable Covers in Below-Ambient Applications
A contractor discusses his field experience with flexible removable covers.

79% of Construction Firms Plan to Expand Headcount in 2019, but Most Are also Worried about Their Ability to Find Qualified Workers
Most contractors plan to add staff in 2019 to keep pace with growing demand, but are having trouble finding qualified workers. These worker shortages are having an impact on construction costs and project schedules,

Safety Matters: Raising the Industry to New Heights
Often, the biggest hazard on a jobsite is simply getting to the area to be insulated, inspected, or repaired. The piping, duct work, or other mechanical systems are typically high above the ground, exposing workers to a potential fall.

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