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The Commercial and Industrial Mechanical Insulation and Laminated Metal Building Insulation Markets Exhibit Overall Growth
How big is our industry? Read the latest results of the NIA’s comprehensive biennial survey to gauge the current size of the mechanical insulation and laminated metal building insulation industry segments, along with insightful 2019–2020 forecasts.

American-Made Product Guide
Straight from the manufacturers, this special section features products proudly made in the USA!

Insulation Helps Save Energy at American Landmarks
Find out which NIA members have worked on some of America’s most recognizable landmarks.

Announcing the 2019 Premier Industry Manufacturers
See which 7 manufacturing companies earned the designation of being a NIA Premier Industry Manufacturer.

NIA Establishes New Industry Certification: The Thermal Insulation Inspector Certification™
Read about why this new certification is needed, how it will benefit your projects and the industry, and what you can learn in this 4-day course.

Safety Matters: Voluntary to Mandatory
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is crucial to every worker’s safety. Here is a look at the safety standards for common safety gear.

New Report Finds Labor Challenges Affecting Construction Project Deadlines
While most contractors are struggling to meet project deadlines amid the ongoing labor shortage in the general construction market, is there an opportunity to improve younger workers’ perceptions of a career in construction?

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