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A Focus on Insulation and Surface-Burning Characteristics
Insulation materials are used in a variety of different applications in commercial and residential buildings. Depending on the installation, these materials are required by code and specifications to have minimum ratings established in accordance with specified fire tests and other standards. Identifying the governing code requirements, product specifications, and test standards that apply can be

The other day, a client called and said, “I’m going to change the classification on my product so I don’t have to pay tariffs.” I told him I don’t recommend it. For those facing new tariffs, it may be wise to consider reinventing your approach to your compliance strategy by reevaluating your supply chain and

The Opioid Crisis: Waging Battle Against Deadly, Costly Problem
Last year, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf declared opioids a statewide disaster emergency, marking the first time the commonwealth declared a disaster emergency for a public health crisis. The declaration suspends regulations hindering addiction care access, which Wolf hopes will help streamline treatment for the 90 days the declaration is in effect. Seven other states have

Affordable Worker Magnets
Whether as a result of a booming economy, tighter immigration laws, or an educational system gone astray, finding qualified job applicants has become increasingly more difficult for those in the construction and engineering industries. Even more troubling for many smaller businesses is the question of how they can compete for badly needed, qualified workers? Fortunately,

Safety Matters: Don’t Be Caught Sleeping on the Job
Still trying to pick a New Year’s Resolution? How about one that is easy and free and can make you healthier, smarter, less stressed, and happier? If the name of the column didn’t already give it away, we’re talking about getting more sleep in 2019. So why is Safety Matters concerned about how much sleep

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