An award-winning publication, Insulation Outlook® is the only international magazine devoted exclusively to industrial and commercial insulation applications, products, and materials. It is free for our target audience of engineers, specifiers, mechanical contractors, and insulation end users.     Insulation Outlook® magazine is mailed on the first of each month and articles are posted online a month after print readers receive it.

Solve Historic Construction Challenges with the Technologies of 2022
Nearly three-quarters of global construction industry leaders envision growth in technologies to facilitate project management, efficiency, safety, and more. Read about how data analysis, building information modeling, robotics, and other technologies are changing how we do business.

How a Standard Is Made: The ASTM Process
ASTM standards affect everything we do, but do you know how they come about, or how you can get involved in the process?

Continuing Education for Insulation Industry Professionals and System Designers
NIA provides learning resources for engineers and every level of insulation professional, offering tools to educate employees, make your projects easier, and help you explore new aspects of the mechanical insulation industry.

What Will the Future Bring?
NIA sought out input from experts from allied organizations for their views on what we can expect from the rest of 2022 so you and your business can prepare for the future.

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