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Why Contractors Need to Understand Embodied Carbon
Understanding embodied carbon and prioritizing carbon mitigation can save money and give your company a competitive edge.

The Benefits of Environmental Product Declarations
Environmental Product Declarations help users calculate a project or building’s environmental impact with confidence and offer benefits for all participants in the building value chain.

Seeing Clearly the Environmental Benefits of Mechanical Insulation—How to Read an Environmental Product Declaration
What can you learn about a product from its Environmental Product Declaration, and how can you use that information?

Developing Environmental Product Declarations
Read about what terms like Life Cycle Assessment and Product Category Rules mean, and how they factor into development of Environmental Product Declarations.

Mechanical Insulation Environmental Product Declarations
Reducing energy use and carbon emissions are global problems, and some of the proposed solutions are in the clouds. The answer is actually very down-to-earth and common—insulation. Insulation allows systems to function using less energy, therefore producing less carbon and GHG emissions. Aside from preventing CO2 emissions and providing thermal control, the different types of

About AEROFLEX® EPDM Closed-Cell Elastomeric Insulation AEROFLEX® products that offer a product-specific type III Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) AEROFLEX® Self-Seal™ EPDM Pre-Slit Pipe Insulation AEROFLEX® EPDM Unslit Pipe Insulation AEROFLEX® White/Gray EPDM Unslit Pipe Insulation AEROFLEX® with SaniGuard™ EPDM Jacketed Pipe Insulation AEROFLEX® EPDM Sheet & Roll Insulation AEROFLEX® EPDM Sheet & Roll with PSA

About AP ArmaFlex Armacell products that have Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs): AP ArmaFlex® tubes AP ArmaFlex sheet and rolls Visit: Flexible insulation materials are among the few industrially made products that save more energy over the product life cycle than is needed for their manufacture. Armacell’s product portfolio continues to offer new solutions that

About Knauf Earthwool 1000° Pipe Insulation with ECOSE Technology—Energy Efficient and Environmentally Sound Knauf products that offer an EPD: Earthwool® 1000° Pipe Insulation Atmosphere® Duct Wrap Earthwool® Insulation Board Acoustical Smooth Board Atmosphere® Duct Liner Wall and Ceiling Liner M Black Acoustical Board Visit Knauf Earthwool® 1000° Pipe Insulation with ECOSE® is noted for

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