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Insulation Revolution: Charting the Progress of Mechanical Insulation in the Year 2024
Read about the megatrends businesses in the insulation industry will need to understand and leverage to their advantage to succeed in the coming years.

NIA Contractor Members Discuss System Design: Elite Insulation
In this first article in a new series on insulation system design from the contractor’s perspective, 1st Place Winner of the NIA Insulation Project Art Gallery Showcase and Competition Elite Insulation, Inc. shares insight on the best practices that helped its project exceed expectations.

Ignoring Resilience Benefits Limits Growth of Energy Efficiency Programs
Recognizing and quantifying the value of energy efficiency initiatives in enhancing resilience in buildings, the grid, and communities may help raise the priority of such programs.

Bill Aims to End Hiring Bias Against Workers without Bachelor’s Degrees
Skills-based hiring enjoys bipartisan support, as more co-sponsors sign on to the Opportunity to Compete Act, which would ensure that job applicants without a bachelor’s degree are not pre-emptively rejected from consideration.

A Construction Market in Transition: the 2024 Construction Hiring and Business Outlook
What does this year’s annual Construction Hiring and Business Outlook Survey reveal about contractor confidence and near-term market prospects?

Gazing into the Crystal Ball: Industry Trends for 2024 and Beyond
Insulation Outlook presents industry forecasts and insights from key sources to help you plan for the future, including: • American Institute of Architects Consensus Construction Forecast • FMI's 2024 North American Engineering and Construction Industry Overview • National Federation of Independent Business, Inc. Outlook, and • Deloitte Insights, Looking into the Future.

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