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Insulation Product Guides
In the July 2018 issue of Insulation Outlook, we had a special section, 18 Months of Product Enhancements and Innovation. Since we often hear feedback from readers that they use Insulation Outlook to learn about products, we invited manufacturers to share recent product improvements. A PDF of the section is available below. Click here to

Contractor’s View: Insufficient Space Leads to Insulation Update
The Problem My company, Insulating Services, Inc., a NIA Contractor member since 1990, was contacted by a client in the Southeast who was requesting an evaluation of their existing indoor insulation system due to the larger than desired process temperature drop their system was experiencing. The client company reconditions catalyst beds that are used for emission

Have an Insulation Question? NIA Has Answers
At NIA, we know just how big an impact insulation can make. Looking at energy and financial savings, longer system life, and more efficient operations, there are few other technologies that pack as big a punch as mechanical insulation. Part of NIA’s mission is to spread the word on the industry’s under-appreciated workhorse, and to

Future Construction: Top Predictions from Industry Leaders
Two overriding concerns for 2018 and beyond—the labor shortage and productivity—were on the minds of this year’s Construction Executive future technology panel. The construction industry’s labor shortage is expected to worsen in 2018 as Millennials shun construction careers, Generation Xers move into leadership positions, and Baby Boomers retire. “While many U.S. sectors, including agriculture and

Construction Material Surge Again in May with Largest Monthly Increase in a Decade, Says ABC
Prices for inputs to construction materials expanded 2.2% in May and are 8.8% higher than at the same time one year ago, according to an Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) analysis of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data. This represents the largest monthly increase in 10 years (since May 2008). Nonresidential construction input prices increased

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