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Contractor’s Field Guide to the Building Envelope
What is the building envelope and why does it matter?

The Building Envelope
Building envelopes are defined as a physical barrier between the conditioned space and unconditioned space and/or the outside of a building. The envelope, however, does more than separate spaces. It is a combination of materials serving several functions, including serving as weather barrier, air barrier, sound barrier, and a natural light and wind barrier.

Insulation and Temperature–A Useful Relationship
The temperature of a particular space can have an affect on the mechanical insulation housed there; building envelope can be an important part of regulating this temperature.

Pathway to Net Zero Energy
The American Geophysical Union (AGU) is a not-for-profit scientific society dedicated to the advancement of Earth and space science. Through scientific publications, meetings, and events; science communication; policy updates; and much more; AGU brings the scientific community together to advance their mission.

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