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Off-site Construction Is More than a Trend
Use of prefabrication and modular construction is gaining in popularity, and a recent Dodge Data & Analytics study sheds light on who, how, and why we can expect that to continue, and what it means for our industry.

How Modularization and Pre-insulated Equipment
What do you need to consider when using pre-insulated equipment to make sure your project realizes the benefits of the approach without suffering any unintended (and unwanted) consequences?

Steps to a Safer Workplace—New COVID-19 OSHA Regulations
With COVID-19 still not under control and a new administration in Washington, new guidelines have been issued regarding workplace safety during the pandemic. Read about what you need to know to stay OSHA compliant, including how to develop and implement a COVID-19 prevention program.

Mechanical Insulation Design Guide: A User’s Guide to the Power of Insulation
The Design Guide will be moving to the NIA website soon. This resource teaches insulation system design—a skill vital for contractors, engineers, specifiers, and maintenance personnel.

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