Committees & Minutes

NIA’s committees address current issues affecting all segments of the commercial and industrial insulation industry and give members an opportunity to share industry knowledge and advance the objectives of each committee.

Committee participation is limited to NIA members. To join NIA and start participating in a committee, please visit our Join NIA page. To review minutes from any of the committee meetings, please log in to the Members Only portal.

The Young Professional Advisory Committee meets at NIA's Fall Summit

Associates Committee

Chair: Sandy Shattles, Armacell
Vice Chair: Louis Walton, Proto Corp.
Secretary: Ginny Gier, Owens Corning

Purpose: As manufacturers of products and services, the Associates strengthen and expand the insulation industry through education, technical assistance, and association membership growth.

Key Objectives:

  • Educate NIA members and industry segments on their products and services.
  • Expand the industry through the promotion of a greater use of insulation and accessory products.
  • Identify and help secure new Active and Associate members for the Association.
  • Work closely with each operating committee.

NIA Staff Liaison: Julie McLaughlin

Distributors/Fabricators Committee

Chair: Matthew Calmeyn, Fabrication Specialties, Inc.
Vice Chair: Vacant

Purpose: To promote the value of the distributor/fabricator to the mechanical insulation industry, help grow the industry, and provide ongoing education and training to the distributor/fabricator members.

Key Objectives:

  • Partner with the manufacturers, contractors, and others to strengthen the use of distribution/fabrication for the sale of mechanical insulation products and services.
  • Research the latest distribution technology, sales, and business methods and disseminate that information to the mechanical insulation industry.
  • Target and attract new distributor/fabricator members.
  • Incorporate the NIA Strategic Plan into the committee’s activities.
  • Educate Distributor/Fabricator members about safety best practices.

NIA Staff Liaison: Julie McLaughlin
Visit the Distributor/Fabricator webpage.

Health & Safety Committee

Chair: Mike Hill, Performance Contracting, Inc.
Vice Chair: Bill McCaffrey, Irex Contracting Group

Purpose: NIA is committed to the health, safety, and welfare of its members, customers, and the insulation industry. Through professional safety leadership, the committee will actively promote the highest standards of safety and health excellence to ensure a safe working environment.

Key Objectives:

  • Obtain and interpret newly promulgated and/or proposed statutes and regulations and their potential impact on NIA members.
  • Advise NIA members in establishing and implementing workers’ compensation programs, including effective accident and injury prevention programs.
  • Administer NIA's Safety Excellence Award program.
  • Formally represent NIA’s position on proposed new standards by government, which will impact the insulation industry.

NIA Staff Liaison: Rianna Gleeson 

Merit Contractors Committee

Chair: Michael McCowan, L.C. Insulations, Inc.
Vice Chair:  Jordan Fiske, Anchor Insulation

Purpose: To promote the growth of the industrial and commercial merit contractor through education, training, and network exchange.

Key Objectives:

  • Promote the implementation of worker training opportunities through associations available to merit contractors.
  • Address the challenge of union organizing activities.
  • Utilize the NIA website to communicate merit shop activities.

NIA Staff Liaison: Leslie Emery
Visit the Merit Contractor webpage.

Metal Building Laminators Committee

Chair: Dave Tomchak, Bay Insulation Systems, Inc.
Vice Chair: Chris Barton, Silvercote, A Distribution International Company

Purpose: The Laminator Committee is composed of laminators of metal building insulation who are dedicated to developing and promoting industry standards and educational programs that will help members become more professional, productive, and profitable. It also seeks to increase awareness of the environmental and energy-saving benefits of metal building insulation among end users.

Key Objectives:

  • Develop technical and professional guidelines that will help laminators deliver the highest quality products and services, and promote these standards within the metal building industry in conjunction with NAIMA and other relevant organizations.
  • Disseminate information on pertinent health, safety, environmental, business, energy efficiency, and other legislative and regulatory issues.
  • Act as a liaison with the design, manufacturing, and construction influences of the metal building industry.
  • Work with the NIA Associate members on projects and issues of mutual interest.

NIA Staff Liaison: Michele M. Jones

Technical Information Committee

Chair: Bill Gregg, Promat, Inc.
Vice Chair: Louis Walton, Proto Corp.
Secretary: Doug Fast, Owens Corning

Purpose: To serve as a forum for identifying and addressing technical issues confronting NIA members and industry.

Key Objectives:

  • Discuss technical issues facing NIA members and develop responses to such issues as requested by the Board of Directors.
  • Assist in the review process of all technical issues in Insulation Outlook magazine and other NIA publications and educational programs.
  • Provide technical information to the design, engineering, construction, and manufacturing communities and monitor information at technical organizations such as ASTM, ASHRAE, NFPA, and NIBS.
  • Be a resource for the NIA Foundation for accurate and credible industry communications.
  • Promote the positive benefits of mechanical insulation and discourage negative dialogue.
  • Secure more insulation manufacturers, distributors, fabricators, and contractors to participate on the Technical Information Committee.
  • Provide proactive output of technical information to benefit the entire NIA membership.
  • Update and maintain the Technical Glossary, Insulation Materials Specification Chart, Guide to Insulation Product Specification, and all sections on the NIA website.

NIA Staff Liaison: Julie McLaughlin

Union Contractors Committee

Chair: John Lamberton, Irex Contracting Group
Vice Chair: Rick Sutphin, Performance Contracting, Inc.

Purpose: To promote the growth of industrial and commercial union contractors through education, training, productivity enhancement, and strong union relations.

Key Objectives:

  • Increase the share of union contracting in the industrial and commercial insulation industry.
  • Maintain continuous close liaison and dialogue with the officers of the International to achieve positive actions and results.
  • Assist Union NIA members with programs and solutions that will help them become more productive with their union counterparts and more effective as managers.
  • Discuss and analyze key clause, wage, and fringe benefit packages.
  • Encourage NIA Union Contractors to support the insulation industry International Apprentice and Training Fund.
  • Promote union insulation contractors for membership in NIA.

NIA Staff Liaison: Kristin DiDomenico

Young Professional Advisory Committee (YPAC)

Chair: Collin Smith, Owens Corning
Vice Chair: John Freeman, Petrin, LLC
Secretary: Thomas MacKinnon, Armacell

Purpose: To offer a forum for young professionals to grow leadership skills, network with peers, gain industry information, and provide fresh insights and feedback to NIA management and the Board of Directors.

Key Objectives:

  • Participate at NIA events and committees.
  • Increase the attendance in the Committee (YPAC).
  • Develop leadership and provide an opportunity to identify future leaders.
  • Confirm speakers and develop valuable programs for YPAC meetings.
  • Appoint one YPAC member each year to the Convention Committee.
  • Address the perceived value of young professionals’ participation in NIA.
  • Gain knowledge and guidance from NIA Past Presidents and Board of Directors.
  • Provide NIA management and the NIA and Foundation Board of Directors with fresh insights, innovative ideas, and strategic advice on a variety of topics including: NIA meetings, educational needs, communication methods, and industry recruitment.

NIA Staff Liaison: Leslie Emery
Visit the YPAC webpage.