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NIA and Mechanical Insulation in the Spotlight

Mechanical Insulation Brings Value to Facilities

Michele Jones_croppedNIA’s Executive Vice President/CEO Michele M. Jones was interviewed for the February 2017 issue of BIC Magazine, a publication that connects  people in business and industry. In addition to sharing information on the history and programs of NIA, Michele highlighted a few of the ways NIA works to advance the industry and promote the value of insulation for end users (system designers, engineers, architects, and specifiers). Many of these end users are not aware of insulation’s ability to deliver cost and energy savings, reduce emissions and environmental impact, protect personnel, enhance system process control, provide fire protection, reduce noise levels, extend equipment life, and improve process performance.

Michele noted, “We fight and compete for capital dollars in the maintenance arena, while insulation’s energy and cost-saving benefits are reaped by the operations department. Insulation performs the moment it is installed, and it has an excellent shelf life compared to other energy-saving technologies. If an area within the insulation system is damaged from normal facility use, the rest of the system continues to perform.”

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