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NIA Honors Past President Ronald L. King

Herndon, Virginia—May 2, 2024—The National Insulation Association’s (NIA’s) Board of Directors has renamed the President’s Award in honor of the enormous lifetime efforts of a two-time past recipient: Ronald L. King. It will now be known as the Ronald King Distinguished Service Award. The award was first given out in 1970, and Ron King is the only person to receive it twice, in 1986 and 2001.

This is the highest recognition available from NIA and is only given by NIA’s President when truly deserved by an individual. The person must have demonstrated outstanding service and dedication to NIA, resulting in accomplishments that have tremendous benefits for the association and the industry.

Upon presenting this honor to Ron King, NIA 2023–2024 NIA President Laura Dover remarked, “We are deeply grateful for your invaluable service to NIA and this industry.” Dover shared numerous accolades gathered from King’s industry colleagues, including the quote, “Most Past Presidents, upon retirement, move on to the next phase of their lives, but Ron has remained passionate and involved, and his dedication has led us to greater heights.” Another colleague said, “He has an innate ability to visualize and communicate the true potential of NIA and its benefits to the mechanical insulation industry.” As a surprise, Ron’s son Daniel King was present at the ceremony and shared, “While he has become such a great advocate and spokesperson for this industry, he has been even a greater dad.” The industry’s appreciation for King might be best summed up by this description, “an industry titan who just never let go of the industry and we are so grateful.”

Ron King was amazed and speechless at the ceremony. After spending some time reflecting on this honor, King shared, “To be recognized in this manner is a humbling experience. It took me a few days to truly appreciate the magnitude of the honor bestowed upon me. While my name may appear on the award, it truly belongs to the many individuals who have supported my efforts, from my mentors along the way to the great people I have worked for, with, and alongside, and to the NIA staff who all have been there time and time again.”

The ceremony unveiling the new award name took place in conjunction with NIA’s 68th Annual Convention in Naples, Florida, April 17–19, 2024. To learn more about NIA’s Ronald King Distinguished Service Award and see past recipients, please visit