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NIA’s Metal Building Laminators at METALCON 2017

October 25, 2017—One of the ways the National Insulation Association® (NIA) helps meet the needs of the construction industry is by holding committee meetings for industry-specific segments of the insulation industry, including manufacturers, merit and union contractors, distributor/fabricators, and laminators. These meetings allow these groups to discuss topics of mutual interest and then develop programs and resources to better serve the industry. The Metal Building Laminators Committee is one of those industry-specific committees. This Committee holds its annual fall meeting at the yearly METALCON trade show. This year, the committee decided to hold metal building insulation seminars at this important meeting. While metal buildings—with the proper insulation—can be incredibly thermally efficient and an excellent choice for many commercial projects, the benefits and specifics of these systems are not well known. NIA’s Metal Building Laminators Committee set out to remedy this lack of knowledge with a presentation on how properly insulated buildings can meet commercial building codes, and a second presentation on how to mitigate the effects of thermal bridging and air leakages with the right insulation products and installation.

NIA’s members were well-received by the METALCON audience, many of whom stayed afterwards to ask follow-up questions and to learn how to properly insulate commercial metal buildings. This is the type of learning opportunity NIA is glad to facilitate in its role as the Voice of the Insulation Industry. NIA held the fall Metal Building Laminators meeting the following day, and got to hear from its members on the latest news and important developments in the industry. NIA will take the feedback and discussion from this meeting and use it to come up with new ideas that can help our members better serve their respective markets.

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