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Seeking Photos for New Inspector Program

For illustration purposes for the new Thermal Insulation Inspector Program, we are asking NIA members to submit photos by February 2 that depict correctly installed products or problematic applications or occurrences.

In order for students to understand what to look for during the inspection process, a major portion of the course will consist of reviewing and discussing common occurrences and potential issues with installation, application, and maintenance of each type of material system. For illustration purposes, we are asking members to submit:

  • Photos that depict good or correctly installed products;
    Photos that depict damaged or incorrectly installed components of the insulation system (Examples include protrusions that are not sealed, joints that are not tightly closed, jacketing and vapor barriers or finishes that are installed incorrectly, instances of insufficient clearance for the insulation, insulation system punctures, improperly stored materials,  wet insulation, and CUI.);
  • Definitions of common problems that you have experienced with the installation of your or similar products; and
  • Common problems that you see with installation or maintenance of insulation systems.

Each photo should also include a brief explanation defining the problem or the picture in general. Product names will not be used in the course, only generic references. Any and all information you provide will not be identified by your company or product name.

Please upload the photos or documents to the following Dropbox account – (please note, you do not need to have a Dropbox account to upload files) or send photos to Erin Penberthy at by Friday, February 2.