NIA’s Education Center

NIA’s Education Center Launches Fall of 2022!

NIA’s Education Center will be the go-to national source for information and tools related to the mechanical insulation industry. With a host of free resources and NIA member-exclusive content, the Education Center will also offer members who opt into our annual Premier Training subscription package access to continuously updated on-demand content that is relevant, timely, and essential for your business’ operations and employee training needs.

Free Industry Resources—Available to Everyone

  • Insulation Materials Specification Chart
  • Guide to Insulation Product Specifications
  • Insulation Science Glossary
  • Mechanical Insulation Design Guide
  • Insulation calculators

Resources Available to NIA Members Only

  • How to Get the Most Out of Your NIA Membership
  • Select microlearning courses (ranging from 15 minutes to 1 hour)
  • Access to new sponsored and partner webinars, as well as previously recorded webinars
  • Exclusive member programs (Safety Excellence Awards, Premier Industry Manufacturer Award, NIA’s Insurance Program, etc.)
  • NIA News, NIA’s members-only newsletter
  • Free gift subscriptions to Insulation Outlook magazine for your employees and clients
  • NIA’s annual Buyer’s Guide: Insulation Products and Providers (with your company listed)
  • Exclusive access to the NIA Diversity & Inclusion Tool Kit
  • New content! Recent additions include:
    • Safety Update: Heat Illness Prevention
      Heat-related illnesses can be prevented, but prevention requires employers and workers to not only recognize heat hazards but also take responsibility and act. NIA Legal Counsel Gary Auman discusses the current National Emphasis Program and evolving OSHA guidelines, and he provides concrete examples of what employers can do to develop a compliant heat illness prevention plan for their company.
      Gary Auman, Director, Auman, Mahan & Furry

Resources Available with Premier Training subscription

These additional resources are available with an annual subscription fee, which gives all your employees access to exclusive content in addition to the free and members-only resources listed above.

  • Mechanical Insulation Basics (formerly known as the E-Learning Modules)
  • Installation videos
  • New content:
    • Harassment in the Workplace
      Whether you are a company owner or an employee, it is important to understand what constitutes workplace harassment. Attorney Amy Mitchell defines five types of harassment, explains bullying laws and how to address bullying in the workplace, and provides instructions on how to respond to an employee complaint.
      Amy Mitchell, Director, Auman, Mahan & Furry
    • Human Resources for Small Contractors
      Small business owners often fill multiple roles, including human resources. Attorney Amy Mitchell discusses a variety of human resources policy and procedure topics, including at-will employment statements, offer letters, wage and hour practices and policies, drug and alcohol policy, and termination notices.
      Amy Mitchell, Director, Auman, Mahan & Furry
    • The Importance of a Written Safety Program
      A good safety program can help your company reduce costs and improve productivity. The initial investment to create a safety program is far lower than the costs associated with workplace injuries and compensation claims. NIA Legal Counsel Gary Auman provides the key components of a successful safety management program and shows how to implement a program for your business.
      Gary Auman, Director, Auman, Mahan & Furry
    • What You Need to Know Before an OSHA Compliance Inspection
      Employers have rights before, during, and after OSHA inspections. NIA Legal Counsel Gary Auman provides an overview of the OSHA inspection process, explains your rights as an employer, and shares the dos and don’ts of an OSHA compliance inspection.
      Gary Auman, Director, Auman, Mahan, and Furry
    • What’s New in Version 5.1 of 3E Plus®
      Newly updated, 3E Plus continues its mission to simplify the task of determining how much insulation is necessary to use less energy, reduce industrial plant emissions, and achieve cost-effective insulation improvements—all in one user-friendly software program. NAIMA’s Charlie Haack provides an overview of what 3E Plus can do and demonstrates the improved features of the updated online platform.
      Charlie Haack, Vice President, Technical Services, North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA)

Upcoming On-Demand Microlearning Topics

  • Advantages of Association Membership
  • Breathable and Non-Breathable Coverings
  • Difference between QA/QC and Inspection
  • Emittance
  • Fitting Factors—What Are They and Why/How Are They Used?
  • Gross Margin versus Markup
  • Hydrophobic, Hydroscopic, and Water Resistant
  • Insulation Product Categories
  • K-, R-, and U-Values
  • LEED Credits and Mechanical Insulation
  • Measure through Methodology
  • Moisture Barriers, Moisture Retarders, and Condensate Barriers
  • Passive Fire Protection versus Fire Protection
  • Product Density versus Compressive Strength
  • Protective Coverings – Categories
  • Protective Coverings – Types
  • Simple Calculators
  • Understanding Different Types of Contracts
  • Use Temperature
  • Vapor Stops
  • Water Vapor Permeability
  • What Constitutes the Basis of a Contractual Claim?
  • Work-In-Progress (WIP) Calculations

Premier Training Subscription Package Pricing

Access is available on an annual basis. Companies that sign up for a Premier Training subscription package in 2022 will also have access for all of 2023 included in that initial payment.

 For Associate Members (Manufacturers)                      $5,000

Active Member's Revenue
(in millions)
Premier Training Subscription Package
Pricing (renews annually)
1 to 3$500
3+ to 6$750
6+ to 10$1,250
10+ to 15$1,500
15+ to 20$1,750
20+ to 30$2,500
30+ to 50$3,000
More than 50$3,750