Insulation Installation

NIA has a wide array of tools to help member companies train employers how to properly install insulation.

Mechanical Insulation Installation Videos Series

This popular video series is available in English and Spanish and contains a general overview, safety precautions, and video demonstrations of mechanical insulation applications. The series is available in DVD format and can be streamed on NIA's Education Center. Click here to visit NIA’s Online Store and here to visit the Education Center.

Fundamentals of Insulation DVD and Workbook

This program is designed to teach new employees the fundamentals of all types of insulation environments through 9 modules that are 3- to 4-minutes along with the companion workbook that cover all types of insulation environments. Learn more about the DVD  and about the workbook.

NCCER—Mechanical Insulating

This standard craft training for insulation, developed by NIA and the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), provides competency-based, task-driven, modular training, which includes all training materials. Learn more

Insulation Estimator’s Handbook

A reference tool that provides data for almost every type of mechanical insulation estimate with valuable technical information for estimating insulation, as well as formulas and conversions, information on insulation accessories, and technical variables for insulation projects. Available in Print and a Print/Digital Combo.

Safety Handbook for Contractors

A newly updated handbook that offers practical tips for maintaining a safe working environment specifically for contractors. New sections include heat-illness prevention, fall protection, and distracted driving. Learn more

Safety Handbook for Distributors/Fabricators

Offers practical tips for maintaining a safe environment for distributor and fabricator workers. Topics include general safety rules, compressed gases, hand and power tools, lockout/tagout, tar pot safety, and more. Learn more

North American Commercial & Industrial Insulation Standards (NACIIS) manual (formerly the MICA Manual)

The North American Commercial & Industrial Insulation Standards (NACIIS) manual, also known as the MICA Manual, was developed by the Midwest Insulation Contractors Association (MICA). The newly updated 9th Edition is available both in printed and interactive PDF versions with the famous MICA insulation plates. Purchase it in English and French at

Insulation Sampler - SOLD OUT

This product is sold and will be available in mid-2024! The NIA Insulation Sampler provides samples of 20 generic mechanical insulation product types and accessories. The kit is an excellent tool for your internal training and resource library, as well as external sales discussions and presentations.

Technical Reference Materials—Spec Guides and Glossary

NIA provides mechanical insulation-specific resources updated by the membership for the industry. Download the latest version of these publications on NIA's Specs and Codes webpage. 

  • Insulation Materials Specification Chart
  • The Guide to Insulation Product Specifications
  • The Insulation Science Glossary