3E Plus

3E Plus: A Comprehensive Performance and Economic Design Package

About NAIMA’s Software

NAIMA’s 3E Plus® software is designed to allow the user to easily calculate heat losses and to determine surface temperatures on hot and cold piping and equipment. 3E Plus uses the heat flow calculation method described in ASTM C680 titled: Standard Practices for Determination of Heat Gain or Loss and the Surface Temperature of Insulated Piping on Equipment Systems by the Use of a Computer System.

This software is an invaluable energy efficiency tool. Learn more about it by visiting www.3eplus.org. For support, email 3eplus@naima.org.

About NIA’s Training Program

Learn how to use the 3E Plus software by taking NIA’s fully accredited certification program, the Insulation Energy Appraisal Program. Learn more about IEAP. NIA also used to offer classes solely about 3E Plus and how to use it. If you would like a private class on this, please contact NIA.