NIA’s Understanding Specifications for Insulation Course

NIA’s New Understanding Specifications for Insulation Course

NIA is excited to announce the availability of a new education program, NIA's Understanding Specifications for Insulation, which will help class participants understand the purpose and complexity of specifications, how they vary between market segments, and how that knowledge can benefit your company.

Earn a certificate of complete and 4 PHDs for this virtual  4-hour course. For information on how to host your own virtual class, email

About the Program

During the course participants will be taught how a specification is developed; to identify challenges and opportunities created by specifications; how codes, standards, regulations, and guidelines are intertwined in specifications; how conflicting information in specifications could be problematic; to understand the consequences of a “bad specification”; and how increased knowledge of mechanical insulation and insulation inspections can improve specifications.

Who Should Take This Course?

The course has been designed to benefit multiple audience segments involved in the design, application, and use of mechanical insulation in both the commercial/building and industrial markets for new construction and maintenance. You will have a greater understanding of specifications after taking this course, regardless if you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran.

Course Benefits

  • Contractors (Estimators, Sales Representatives, Superintendents, Project Managers, QA/QC, and Inspection Personnel)

    Interpreting a specification and identifying potential conflicts are vital in the bidding/award process and execution of a project. This course will examine the interpretation process and how it could impact your project strategies.

  • Distributor/Fabricators (Sales Representatives, Estimators, and Management)

    After this course, you will be able to use your greater knowledge about specifications to act as a resource and improve your ability to serve your customers.

  • Engineering and Design Professionals

    Learn to look at specifications through the eyes of all the other parties, learn to avoid potential conflicts, and understand how to improve future specifications.

  • Facility Owners

    Gain an introspective view of specifications that will help you improve project and maintenance specifications.

  • Manufacturers (Sales and Marketing Representatives)

    Learn how to assist those involved in the specification development process and improve your ability to achieve your objectives.

Benefits of Virtual Training

  • Cost Savings—Save on large travel expenses such as airfare and hotels, while still receiving the same high-quality instruction and content.
  • Increased Productivity—No travel time is required, which allows for less time out of the office and minimizes disruptions to operations and family life.
  • Convenience—Train from anywhere! Whether you take the course from your office or home, choose the environment where you learn best.