2021 Members

As we are stronger together, NIA would like to reach a 100% membership renewal rate for 2021! Please help us reach our goal and rejoin!

Thank you to our 2021 member companies! Contact Aimee Doyle at adoyle@insulation.org to confirm your company’s membership status or click here to renew now.

Company Name
4-State Supply
A&A Insulation, LLC
Aarc-West Mechanical Insulation (USA), LLC
Access Plug Flange, Inc.
Ace Insulation Services, Inc.
Adrian Scott Industries, Inc.
Advanced Industrial Services, LLC
Advanced Nuclear, LLC
Advanced Specialty Contractors, LLC
Aeroflex USA, Inc.
AIS, Inc. (DBA Alaska Insulation Supply
& Alaskan Insulation Specialties)
Aislamientos Desmontables Industriales, S.A. de C.V.
Allied Insulation Supply
Alloyd Insulation Co., Inc.
All-Temp, Inc.
Alpha Engineered Composites, LLC
American Mechanical Insulation Sales, Inc.
Anchor Insulation
Apache Industrial Services, Inc.
APi Distribution
APi, Inc.
Argus Contracting, LLC
ATI Insulation, Inc.
Atlantech Distribution, Inc.
Atlantic Contracting & Specialties, LLC
Avery Dennison
Bartelt Insulation Supply, Inc.
Bay Insulation Systems, Inc.
Bernoulli Insulation Contractors, Inc.
Bostik, Inc.
Breeding Insulation Company, Chattanooga, Inc.
Brock Industrial Services, LLC
C & H Insulation Services, Inc.
C.E. Thurston & Sons, Inc.
Caldwell Insulation, Inc.
Campbell Gibbons and Associates, Inc.
CertainTeed Corporation
Champaign A&K Insulation Co.
Climalock, LLC
Coldwater Insulation, Inc.
Complete Insulation Services, Inc.
Core Insulation Contractors, LLC
Corick Valve Covers, Inc.
Cornerstone Services Group, LLC
County Group Companies
Coverco, Inc.
Coverflex Manufacturing, Inc.
Damon Insulation Co., Inc.
Distribution International, Inc.
Dixie Industrial Insulation
DKB, Inc.
DM Industries, Inc.
Dover Insulation, Inc.
Dyplast Products, LLC
E.P.I. Insulation Company
Eagle Insulation Distribution
Earp Insulation
Easy Way Insulation
Eau Claire Insulation, LLC
ED-O Insulation Company, Inc.
Enervation, Inc.
Epic Maintenance, Ltd.
Extol of Ohio, Inc.
F & H Insulation Sales and Services, Inc.
Fabrication Specialties, Inc.
Fairfax Insulation, Inc. (VOSB/SWAM)
Farwest Insulation Contracting
Fern Insulators, Inc.
FGH Fabricators, Inc.
Firwin Corp.
Fit Tight Covers
Foley Insulation, Inc.
Fortunato Insulation, Inc.
Company Name
Foster Products (HB Fuller Construction Products)
Franklin Insulation Group
Freedom Insulation, Inc.
Gagnon, Inc.
Gateway Insulation, Inc.
General Coating & Insulation Services, Ltd.
General Insulation Company, Inc.
Geo. V. Hamilton, Inc.
GFI Solutions, Inc.
GIS, Inc.
GLT Products and Speedline Corporation
Goebel Fasteners, Inc.
Goel Services
Gribbins Insulation Company, Inc.
G-STAR Enterprises, Inc.
Hailey Insulation Corp.
Hales & Associates, Inc.
Hawkeye Insulation Specialists, Inc.
Headrick Insulation, Inc.
Homans Associates, LLC
Howred Corp.
hth Companies, Inc.
Hudson Bay Insulation Company
Iberville Insulations, LLC
Ideal Products of America, LP
IDI Distributors
IFS Durapro Adhesives
Industrial & Commercial Insulation, Inc.
Industrial Construction & Engineering Co.
Industrial Insulation & Sheet Metal, Inc.
Insco Industries, Inc.
Insulating Services, Inc.
Insulation Components, Inc.
Insulation Concepts, Inc.
Insulation Contractor Services
Insulation Industries, Inc.
Insulation Materials Corporation
Insulation Sales & Service
Insulation Services, Inc.
Insulations, Inc.
Insulation Specialties Contracting Corp.
Insulation Specialties, Inc.
Insulation Specialty, Inc.
Insulation Technologies, Inc.
Insul-Con, Inc.
Insul-Tech, Inc.
Insul-Therm International, Inc.
International Insulation Products, LLC
Iowa Insulation, Inc.
Irex Contracting Group
I-Star Energy Solutions
Jergens Insulation
JGE Contracting, Inc.
Johns Manville
Kelco Insulation, Inc.
Kennedy Insulation Systems, Inc.
Kerco, Inc.
KMK Insulation, Inc.
Knauf Insulation, Inc.
L J Insulation Services, Inc.
L&C Insulation, Inc.
L&L Insulation, Inc.
L&L Insulations
L&S Insulation Co., Inc.
L.B.C. Corp., Inc.
L.C. Insulations, Inc.
Lamtec Corporation
Lanham Insulation, Inc.
Larch Industry
Legacy Insulation
Lewco Specialty Products, Inc.
Liberty Industrial Group
Ludeman Insulation & Supply, Inc.
Luse Thermal Technologies
Marquis Construction Services
Massy Energy Engineered Solutions, Ltd.
Mathias Metal Systems, LLC/Tru-Fit Products, LLC
Mavo Systems
MC&I, Inc. - RIDGLOK® Panel Insulation Systems for Storage Tanks
McCormick Insulation Supply, Inc.
McDermaid Roofing and Insulating
Company Name
Midland Thermal, Inc.
Mid-Plains Insulation
Midwest Fasteners, Inc.
Midwest Insulation Services, Inc.
Midwest Materials Company
Minco (DBA Mechanical Insulating Contractors, Inc.)
Mineral Seal Corporation
Morgan Advanced Materials Thermal Ceramics
Murasho Co., Ltd.
National Environmental Contracting, Inc.
Newcon Caribbean, Inc.
NF Insulation, LLC
Nicholas Insulation Services, Inc.
No Sweat Valve Wraps, Inc.
Nordic Industries Corp.
Norris Insulation, Inc.
North Country Mechanical Insulators
Osorno Group Corp.
Owens Corning
Patriot Insulation Contractors, LLC
Pedersen Insulation Company
Performance Contracting, Inc.
Petrin, LLC
Polyguard Products, Inc.
Premier Insulation Contracting, Inc.
Prime, Inc.
ProClad Systems, LLC
Pro Insulation
Promat, Inc.
Proto Corporation
PTF Insulation Fabricators
QCI Thermal Systems, Inc.
QUSA Thermal, Inc.
R.B. Webb Insulation Co., Inc.
R.L. Insulation Company, Inc.
R.P.R. Products, Inc.
Register Insulation, Inc.
Retro Insulation
Rockfibras Do Brazil Ind. Com.
ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation
Rudco Sales, Inc.
RWB Contracting Corp.
Sabert Insulation, Inc.
Shook & Fletcher Insulation Co.
Silvercote, A Distribution International Company
Sioux City Insulation & Supply
Smith & Casady, Inc.
Southern Insulation, Inc.
Southern Tier Insulations, Inc.
Specialty Products & Insulation
Sprinkmann Sons Corporation
Standard Metal Industries, LLC
Star Insulation Company, Inc.
Summit Contracting, LLC
Systems Undercover, Inc.
Tani Division, B.D. Schiffler, Inc.
TBN Associates, Inc.
Tempered Insulation, Inc.
The Cajun Company, Inc.
The E.J. Davis Company
Thermal Energy Products, Inc.
Thermal Insulation, Inc.
Thermal Solutions Contracting, Inc.
Thermal Solutions - Ohio, Inc.
Thermaltech, Inc.
Thermaxx, LLC
Thermo-Dynamics International
Thermo-Tec Insulation
Ticon, Inc.
Triangle Enterprises, Inc.
Trinity Insulation, LLC
Tristan Contracting Corp.
ULVA CUI Prevention
Unitherm, Inc.
Upland Services, Inc.
Vierling Insulation Services, Inc.
Vital Insulation Services
Waco, Inc.
Wayne Insulation Co., Inc.
WKSB Isolierungen GmbH