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NIA Eager to Help Shape Nation’s Energy Future

NIA’s Insulation Advocate: Update on October and November’s Activities

Foundation logoThe biggest news in Washington, DC, in November was the outcome of the national elections. The buzz is loud and there is a great deal of speculation about what a Trump administration will mean for tax reform, manufacturing, and energy policy. NIA hopes to offer its expertise to the next administration and help educate its members on how mechanical insulation can improve energy efficiency, lessen environmental impact, reduce costs, protect personnel, and optimize system operations. We recently released an open letter offering our resources and expertise to the President-elect and plan to do everything we can to ensure mechanical insulation plays a prominent role in our nation’s future.

We are also pleased to report that we have been in touch with the staff at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) regarding the language we secured in the Military Construction-VA Appropriations bill calling for mechanical insulation assessments in VA hospitals. The language we were able to include is as follows:

Mechanical insulation assessments.—The Committee acknowledges the cost savings possible through energy savings associated with proper insulation, and encourages VA to work in collaboration with industry partners to conduct a mechanical insulation energy and water assessment at several representative VA hospitals. The assessment should study the potential for improved energy and water efficiency of the selected medical center mechanical systems by applying mechanical insulation in repair, replacement, or upgrade applications. Assessment results shall be shared through a report to the Committee not later than 60 days after enactment of this Act.

More updates will be coming as these assessments proceed. We hope that the results of these assessments can play an important role in educating more key decision makers on the value of insulation and also allow us to collect more data on the benefits insulation can provide to numerous facilities.

Much will be going on behind the scenes on Capitol Hill to decide the new administration’s agenda and direction. NIA will be collaborating with The Keelen Group to see where we can participate in these discussions and help increase opportunities for NIA members.

Best Regards,
Michele M. Jones

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