Hosted NIA’s Thermal Insulation Inspector Certification™ Program

NIA’s new Thermal Insulation Inspector Certification™ Program will educate participants on how to inspect and verify that the materials and the insulation system have been installed in accordance with the mechanical insulation specifications.

You can host a course for your employees, members, or clients. This is a cost-effective way to bring NIA’s Thermal Insulation Inspector Certification™ program to your location. Hosted courses can be held anywhere within the United States or Canada. Click here to view a sample course agenda.

Interested in Hosting a NIA Thermal Insulation Inspector Certification Program?

Contact NIA at for pricing and more information. Discounted pricing is available to NIA members, Gold-Elite Foundation Contributors, and Engineers. Click here to download a flyer with more information about the benefits of hosting a course.

Hosted Course Benefits:

Cost Savings

The cost per attendee is less than attending a NIA standard training course.

Reduced Travel Time and Expense

Hosting the training at the venue of your choice helps companies save on large travel expenses like airfare and hotels, time out of the office, and minimizes disruptions to operations and family life.

Continue Regular Routines

Courses are structured to allow attendees to take breaks, check emails, and continue to conduct business. In corporate locations, attendees can still interact with coworkers and advance projects.

Increase the Knowledge of Your Team

Professional development can help raise overall employee expertise. Each attendee taking the course will receive 27 Professional Development Hours (PDHs).


Choose dates that work for you and your team’s schedule.

Tailor Your Hosted Course

This course can be included as part of a broader internal corporate training for your employees. Companies can pair the course with their own leadership or safety training, allowing the flexibility to focus on specific items that are important to your business.

Team Building

A multiday training with employees, representing different job responsibilities, can encourage greater teamwork, awareness, and understanding of each other’s roles within the company.

Invite Key Employees, Engineers, or Clients

You determine who to invite to receive this certification training. Some companies are planning on starting new inspection departments or businesses, and others are strengthening ties with engineering firms.

What NIA Leaders Say about NIA's New Thermal Insulation Inspector Certification

“This program will be helpful in raising the bar for mechanical insulation contracting. I was very impressed with the detail and quality of the student materials and how knowledgeable all the instructors are.”
 John Lamberton, 2019–2020 NIA President-Elect, Chief Operating Officer, Irex Contracting Group, Class Participant

"I am very excited about the initiative for NIA to become the education and training leader in our industry. Using the knowledge of our membership to create curriculum is an example of how we can lead the industry to future success. We have online training as well as classroom instruction, and continue to add content to address the needs of the industry. Having tools available to train our employees is a huge benefit, but I am also excited that we have programs available to people outside of our association. Launching the Thermal Insulation Inspector Certification is the impressive result of our members working together to create a certification program that will elevate the awareness of the importance of mechanical insulation."
— Dana Vlk, 2019–2020 NIA President, and Senior Adviser, Distribution International, Inc.

"The Thermal Insulation Inspector Certification that NIA is developing has the potential to be a game changer in how systems are installed, the quality of the system, and it’s just going to raise the bar for the industry at all levels—manufacturing, contracting, distribution—everyone is going to have to be on their game because there will be oversight to ensure things are getting done per the specification."
— Dan Bofinger, NIA Immediate Past President and Regional Vice President, East, Specialty Products & Insulation