NIA’s Education Center

NIA’s Education Center

NIA’s Education Center is a new concept in training and education for the insulation industry to meet the growing need for easily accessible, on-demand training from a trusted industry source. With over 50 courses, and offers continuously updated content,  it is  the go-to national resource for information and training tools specifically designed for anyone who is involved in the mechanical insulation industry.

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NIA’s Education Center is powered by Knauf Insulation, and we appreciate their support as an education partner.

Why Subscribe?
Benefits of NIA’s Premier Training Subscription

  • Cost Savings: For one low annual fee, all your employees receive access.
  • Variety: Training is available to increase skills for every professional on your team
  • Convenience: Content is offered on demand, ranging from a few minutes to up to an hour
  • Access to popular NIA training programs, such as NIA’s Mechanical Insulation Basics

How to Subscribe

You must be an NIA member to subscribe to NIA's Education Center. The primary representative from each company is able to sign up for this service by visiting or by including the subscription fee when you submit your 2024 membership dues.

After signing up, your company will have access to the Premier Training Subscription service for a 12-month period (January–December 2024).  These on-demand training opportunities will be available to anyone employed by your company (user registration required). Content will continuously be added throughout the year and will be specifically designed for anyone who is involved in the mechanical insulation industry.

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Free Industry Resources—Available to Everyone

  • Insulation Materials Specification Chart
  • Guide to Insulation Product Specifications
  • Insulation Science Glossary
  • Mechanical Insulation Design Guide
  • Insulation calculators

Resources Available to NIA Members Only

  • Select microlearning courses (ranging from a few minutes to 1 hour)
  • Access to new sponsored and partner webinars, as well as previously recorded webinars
  • Exclusive member programs (Safety Excellence Awards, Premier Industry Manufacturer Award, NIA’s Insurance Program, etc.)
  • NIA News, NIA’s members-only newsletter
  • Free gift subscriptions to Insulation Outlook magazine for your employees and clients
  • NIA’s annual Buyer’s Guide: Insulation Products and Providers (with your company listed)
  • Exclusive access to the NIA Diversity & Inclusion Tool Kit
  • New content! Recent additions include:
    • Chilled Water and Refrigeration Insulation Systems
    • Guide to Insulation Fastening
    • Insulation Selection for Power Generation
    • Passive Fire Protection in Industrial Applications
    • Safety Update: Heat Illness Prevention
    • What’s New in Version 5.1 of 3E Plus®
    • 3E Plus® Basics

Resources Available with Premier Training subscription

These additional resources are available with an annual subscription fee, which gives all your employees access to exclusive content in addition to the free and members-only resources listed above.

    • Mechanical Insulation Basics (formerly known as the E-Learning Modules)
    • Mechanical Insulation Installation videos
    • New content Available Now:
      • 5 Keys to Selling Success
      • 9 Most Critical IT Security Protections
      • 21st Century Prospecting
      • Breathable and Non-Breathable Coverings
      • Critical Steps to Secure Your Company’s Data
      • Emittance
      • Fitting Factors- What Are They and Why/How Are They Used?
      • FMI's Economic Forecast - Northeast Region
      • FMI’s Economic Forecast - Southeast
      • FMI’s Economic Forecast - West Region
      • Harassment in the Workplace
      • Hitting the Jackpot with DOE's Carbon Emissions Reduction Programs
      • How to Identify Spam Emails
      • How to do a LinkedIn Post
      • Human Resources for Small Contractors
      • Hydrophobic, Hydroscopic, and Water Resistant—What Are the Differences?
      • k-, R-, and U-Values

Upcoming On-Demand Microlearning Topics:

      • Insulation Product Categories
      • Outcomes from FMI’s Talent Development Study
      • Weather Barriers, Vapor Retarders, and Condensate Barriers- What Are the Differences?




  • Measure through Methodology
  • Mechanical Insulation Financial Calculator
  • Mechanical Insulation Shapes and Forms
  • Passive Fire Protection vs. Fire Protection
  • Password Security for Your Business
  • Product Density vs. Compressive Strength
  • Protective Covering–Categories
  • Protective Covering–Types
  • Scaffold Safety Tips for Your Business
  • Selling in a Virtual World
  • A Study on Insulation’s Positive Impact on Energy Efficiency & Emission Reductions
  • The Importance of a Written Safety Program
  • Understanding the Different Types of Contracts
  • Use Temperature
  • What Does the Future of Transportation Look Like?
  • What Small Companies Need to Know about Cyber Security
  • What You Need to Know Before an OSHA Compliance Inspection
  • Vapor Stops


Premier Training Subscription Package Pricing

Available for NIA Members, the following rates are for 2024-2025. Access is available on an annual basis.

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