Young Professional Advisory Committee (YPAC)

Young Professional Advisory Committee (YPAC)

YPAC is a committee for young insulation industry professionals to develop leadership skills, network with peers, gain industry information, and provide fresh insights and feedback to NIA management and the Board of Directors. YPAC was established by NIA in 2017 and is open to NIA members who meet the committee criteria.

Who Should Participate

YPAC is just getting started and is seeking to grow and make a positive impact for NIA and the industry. The group is made up of individuals from NIA member companies who are 40 years old or younger, or have been in the industry for less than 5 years. YPAC members plan to meet in person twice a year at NIA’s Annual Convention and Fall Summit, and virtually twice a year via conference call.

Benefits of Participating

With YPAC’s targeted focus on young and new industry professionals, the goal is to create a network that will advance the professional and leadership development for YPAC members and make a positive impact for NIA and the mechanical insulation industry. YPAC aims to:

  • Amplify NIA’s voice for the insulation industry;
  • Attract and keep talent in the industry;
  • Create personal relationships and form connections;
  • Raise public awareness of mechanical insulation and its benefits; and
  • Share collective wisdom.


“Prior to joining the industry, I thought of insulation as what you see in the attic. That’s a lot of peoples’ mental image. NIA is our industry voice to promote insulation as the best energy-saving tool we have in the United States.” —Huck Finn, President, APi.

“There are a lot of misconceptions. NIA has a huge knowledge base. Technology is great, but being face-to-face at NIA meetings is where the experience is.” —Andrew Scott, President, Adrian Scott Industries, Inc.

How to Get Involved

If you know someone on your team who would be interested in participating in YPAC, please email for more information.

Upcoming Meetings

NIA’s 63rd Annual Convention | Wednesday, April 18, 2018 (3:55–5:40 p.m.)

YPAC Presentation: Driving Best Practices in Business Development
As organizations try to make sense of the changing markets around them, many are putting renewed efforts into their business-development approach. After observing a significant shift in this direction, FMI conducted an extensive, in-depth survey of contractor CEOs and top executives in an attempt to identify the current challenges of the business-development process and the solutions that are yielding positive results. Key results from this research can lead to a greater focus on what works based on the direct experiences of contractors who are leveraging a total business development culture within their firms. The information in this presentation will help you:  

  • Determine why the same old sales tactics do not work anymore;
  • Implement successful new business-development activities and measure the results;
  • Instill a company-wide business-development culture to drive new business opportunities; and
  • Establish creative strategies that focus all of your resources on the customer.

Speaker: Jim Schug, Principal, FMI Corporation