Leadership & Staff

Executive Committee

NIA President
Laura Dover
Dover Insulation, Inc.

NIA President-Elect
Jack Bittner
Johns Manville

NIA Secretary/Treasurer
Rick Sutphin
Performance Contracting, Inc.

NIA Assistant Treasurer
John C. Stevens
Thermal Solutions, Inc.

Immediate Past President
Joseph P. Leo, Jr.
Atlantic Contracting & Specialties, LLC


Past President Advisor
David J. Cox
Owens Corning


Past President Advisor
Dana Vlk

Board of Directors


Regional Board Members

Brian Willett
Gribbins Insulation Company, Inc.
Rick Baptista
Irex Contracting Group
Matt Hymer
Midwest Materials Company
Matt Caldwell
Caldwell Insulation, Inc.
David B. Patrick
Specialty Products & Insulation
Shawn Reichenbach
Performance Contracting, Inc.

At-Large Members

Mellanie Askew
Coverflex Manufacturing, Inc.
R. Dean Burows
DKB, Inc.
Rob Elsey (Associate)
Cornerstone Sales, Inc.
John K. Freeman, Jr.
Petrin, LLC
Michael McCowan
L.C. Insulations, Inc.
Marc Napolitano
Insulation Materials Corp.
Jon Perry
Specialty Products & Insulation

Associate's Committee Appointee

Louis Walton
Proto Corp.


Gary Auman
Auman, Mahan & Furry

NIA Staff

You can reach the NIA staff at 703-464-6422 or by emailing niainfo@insulation.org.

Michele M. Jones Executive Vice President/CEO
Ashley Bartley Education and Events Coordinator
Kristin V. DiDomenico Vice President
Leslie Emery Communications Manager
Rianna Gleeson Membership and Programs Coordinator
Ashley J. Lopez Senior Manager of Production and Design
Julie McLaughlin Senior Director of Publications/Publisher
Erin Penberthy Director of Meetings and Education
Vacant Administrative and Programs Assistant (Part time)

NIA Consultants

Accounting Department Rachel Ritenour
Advertising Sales Justin Wolfe
ads@insulation.org 717-430-2212