NIA’s 69th Annual Convention

April 28-30, 2025
Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch
Scottsdale, Arizona



Presentations are available for registered NIA Convention attendees. These presentations are intended to be used only for reference and may not be reproduced or altered in any way, including for use in presentations, without permission from NIA.

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2024 Economic Outlook: Click here to view the presentation

Economic forecasts are constantly changing, and Chris Kuehl knows which trends to watch so that you know what to expect for the rest of 2024. Chris will share his expertise and provide a comprehensive overview of the latest data along with his expectations for the various segments of the U.S. economy, focusing on the domestic construction industry spending for manufacturing, transportation, and the insulation sector.

Chris Kuehl, Managing Director, Armada Corporate Intelligence

Sustainability Panel Discussion: Insulation’s Impact on Energy Efficiency and Emission Reductions: Click here to view the presentation

Sustainability has been a popular buzzword over the last few years, but how is this movement impacting the mechanical insulation industry? Attendees will hear from panelists on how their companies define sustainability, how it impacts their customers and vendors, and how the industry can work together to gain recognition for mechanical insulation’s role in ESG/decarbonization initiatives.

Reducing Fire Risk at the Perimeter of High-Rise Structures: Click here to view the presentation

This session will focus on basic design features to contain a fire, outline 5 common misconceptions during design and installation, and provide guidelines on proper design. Angie Ogino will also discuss installation quality and reducing fire risk.

Angie Ogino, Senior Engineering Lead, Owens Corning

Design Considerations for District Energy Insulation Systems: Click here to view the presentation

District energy systems provide heating and cooling to modern campuses and urban areas. The water and steam piping in these systems introduces some unique challenges for insulation contractors. Alec will also cover the challenges, solutions, and the impact that material selection can have on system performance.

Alec Cusick, Technical Lead, Owens Corning



Industry Sessions

Joint Contractors Session
Practical Applications of New Construction Technologies: Click here to view the presentation 

Which technologies are shaping the construction industry and which technologies are most needed? Erin Khan will discuss how contractors can strategically identify, enable, and operate these tools and solutions in their existing projects and workflows, and how to train your current team on these tools to help streamline processes and efficiencies. Erin will also discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the industry by empowering contractors with game-changing solutions, along with providing practical tips on how to apply AI solutions in your contracting operations.

Erin Khan, Founder, Sr. Consultant, Erin Khan Consulting

Distributors/Fabricators Session
The AI Advantage: Elevating Operations for Distributors: Click here to view the presentation

Explore the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on B2B operations for distributors. Justin King will provide a general introduction to AI, highlighting its capabilities and the various models available, including ChatGPT, and will address the common misconception that AI will replace humans by emphasizing that it is, in fact, those who know how to leverage AI who will lead the future. Plus, Justin will delve into practical uses of AI for supply chain, marketing, and e-commerce.

Justin King, Global Analyst, B2B eCommerce Association (B2BEA)

Health and Safety
Workers’ Compensation Trends: Click here to view the presentation

Workers’ compensation laws have been in place for more than 110 years in the United States with very little legislative reform for more than a decade, other than changes made due to COVID-19. Most case law is well-established, and changes have focused on the benefits provided to injured workers. Join Jason Spandet as he discusses several emerging trends, including the evolving claims process, the resurgence of companies and vendors promoting a wide range of services, and the critical need for existing programs to advance.

Jason Spandet, Risk and Insurance Manager, Performance Contracting, Inc. (PCI

Merit Contractor Session
Stronger Field, Stronger Profits: FMI's 2023 Labor Productivity Study: Click here to view the presentation

Labor productivity is a challenge for the construction industry, and FMI’s 2023 Labor Productivity Study confirms the well-documented trend of productivity decline. Managed well, labor productivity can significantly improve bottom-line margins. Managed poorly, labor overruns, or exceeding labor budgets, can wipe out contractor profitability. FMI’s Michael Keller will provide an overview of this study, including the major internal and external challenges and key operational best practices.

Michael Keller, Consultant, FMI Corp.

Associates (Manufacturer) Session
Deep Dive Economic Outlook for Manufacturers: Click here to view the presentation

Take a deeper dive into the most important economic topics for manufacturers, including manufacturing production and capacity utilization rates, purchasing manager index, unemployment, and much more. Plus, Chris Kuehl will also share his insights and predictions on potential growth rates, sector challenges, and possible risks.

Speaker: Chris Kuehl, Managing Director, Armada Corporate Intelligence