NIA’s Virtual Fall Summit 2020

November 3-6, 2020


A list of attendees can be viewed here.

Network Social Hour

For networking events, NIA is introducing the Remo platform to help attendees learn, connect, and interact. This platform helps break up the full group into smaller gatherings—similar to how we would network if we were together in-person! Here are some tips for the event.

  • You can watch a quick tutorial at
  • Remo allows participants to move around virtually from table to table. Each table will have 2-6 attendees.
  • Mingle by hovering over a table to see who’s already there, and join in the conversation. You are only able to hear the conversations at your table, but you can switch at any time. Video is enabled so everyone at each table can see each other.
  • For a true happy hour experience, grab your favorite beverage during the break between the education sessions and networking events.