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NIA Is Proud to Offer the New Mechanical Insulation Installation Video Series

Newly created by the industry for the industry, these installation videos provide a general overview and basic how-to guide for mechanical insulation applications. Based in part on NIA’s popular Craft Training Video Series, each video is generic in nature, incorporates consensus recommendations from the sponsoring manufacturers, and the applications demonstrated were completed by experienced field mechanics on piping and equipment mock-ups representing project applications. The videos are a great industry resource for supplementing existing craft training programs; educational programs for new or existing sales, service, and administrative employees; and for indirect users to obtain an overview of application practices for the respective insulation materials. They can be used by contractors, distributors, fabricators, laminators, manufacturers, and their respective customers or other parties interested in mechanical insulation best practices.

Following is a summary overview of the video content:

  •     Overview: Introduction and objective of video series
  •     General service definitions
  •     Finish material overview
  •     General safety precautions
  •     General application practices
  •     Inspection and maintenance
  •     Resource and sponsor listing
  •     Specific product information for the respective video
  •     Product introduction
  •     Insulation application demonstrations
  •     Piping, fittings, equipment, ducts, etc.
  •     Finish (protective jacketing) application demonstrations

The videos are organized by content so you can easily access the specific areas. You may purchase specific videos or the entire series in a compilation format.

Individual Insulation Installation Video Topics are:Compilation DVD

  1.  Calcium Silicate and Perlite: Pipe and Equipment Insulation
  2.  Cellular Foam: Pipe and Equipment Insulation
  3.  Cellular Glass: Pipe and Equipment Insulation
  4.  Elastomeric and Polyolefin: Pipe, Equipment, and Duct Insulation
  5.  Fiber Glass: Pipe, Equipment, and Duct Insulation
  6.  Mineral Wool: Pipe and Equipment Insulation
  7.  Removable/Reusable Flexible Insulation Covers

Purchase options: DVD compilation a complete set of all 7 videos on 2 discs (Available in English or Spanish). To stream the videos, please visit: