Recertification / Lapsed certification

IEAP Recertification

Once a student completes the Insulation Energy Appraisal Program (IEAP) training course and successfully passes the exam, they become certified as an energy appraiser for three years. The certification will expire December 31 of the third year, regardless of the month the recertification was completed. During the third year, the student will receive a letter and e-mail detailing the online recertification process. The process is as follows:

  1. Each student logs in to the NIA website (specific link will be provided).
  2. Once logged in, students have two options for completing the recertification process:
    • Submit information pertaining to an appraisal completed within the last three years.
    • Take a short exam in which they will need to score a 70% or higher to pass. A study guide is available for download on the website here. If the student does not achieve a passing score but has paid the recertification fee, they will be allowed to login and retake the exam up to 3 times for no additional charge.
  3. Recertification fees:
    • $155 – Member rate
    • $255 – Non-member rate
  4. Students who successfully complete this process will receive a new certificate.
  5. If the student is employed by an NIA member company, their name will appear on the NIA website as a certified energy appraiser.

To get more information about your certification status and recertification log-in information, please contact NIA at 703-464-6422 or e-mail

Lapsed Certification

If the appraiser has not recertified by the expiration date of December 31 in the third year of their certification and is within a calendar year of the recertification expiration date, their certification is considered lapsed. During the lapsed certification period of 1 year, the appraiser will not be eligible to perform appraisals under the IEAP program module and NIA members will not be listed as current appraisers on the NIA website.

The lapsed appraiser may reinstate their certification by meeting the following criteria:

  • Submit the appropriate fees:
    • $255 member rate (includes $100 reinstatement fee)
    • $355 non-member rate (includes $100 reinstatement fee)
  • Pass the online exam or submit information on a recent appraisal performed during his/her most recent Active Certification period.

Inactive Certification

If the lapsed appraiser does not recertify by the end of the year in which his certification expired AND did not reinstate during the 1-year grace period in which his certification was lapsed, the IEAP certification becomes inactive. Once a certification has become inactive, the inactive appraiser will not be eligible to perform appraisals under the IEAP program module and NIA members will not be listed as current appraisers on the NIA website.

If a certification has become inactive, the appraiser must reinstate their certification by retaking the course and exam at the prevailing NIA member/non-member course registration rate and receiving a passing grade of 70% or higher on the exam given at the end of the IEAP course.

Retaking IEAP Class

Any student who would like to take the full IEAP class again may be eligible to receive a $100 discount off the class registration fee. Students must be an NIA member and must request the discount prior to retaking the class. No post-class rebate will be issued.