2007 Save Energy Now Program Open for Applications

January 1, 2007

Your company can now take full advantage of the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) 2007 Save Energy Now (SEN) program. The application phase for Round 2 of the SEN program opened on October 2, 2006, and will remain open until January 19, 2007, or until the goal of 250 assessments is reached. Don’t miss out on this money-saving opportunity to discover valuable ways to save energy in your facility.

According to the SEN website (www.eere.energy.gov/industry/saveenergynow), SEN is part of a national campaign called “Easy Ways To Save Energy,” which educates the public about simple but effective energy choices, helps U.S. industry and the government reduce their energy use, and supports national goals for energy security. A critical part of the SEN program is its focus on energy-intensive manufacturing facilities in the United States. SEN chooses 250 of these companies each year and sends energy experts to their facilities to conduct free Energy Savings Assessments (ESAs). The ESAs reveal energy- and money-saving opportunities that can be taken in the short, medium, and long terms. (See “Energy Assessments Illuminate Potential for Mechanical Insulation” in the December 2006 issue of Insulation Outlook for more details.)

New features of Round 2 of the SEN program include the following:

  • A broader scope of eligible plant systems, including fan, compressed air, and pumping systems, as well as process heating and steam
  • Cost-sharing opportunities
  • Third-party financing options
  • Use of the Quick Plant Energy Profiler software tool to determine a plant’s overall energy use prior to the ESA

You can participate in the 2007 SEN program in the following simple ways:

  • Apply online for an ESA, which will take place in 2007 if your plant is selected
  • Partner with the DOE’s Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) by cosponsoring assessments, events, and training; linking to the SEN website; and increasing energy efficiency and cost savings awareness within your plant or with your customers
  • Use the tools and resources ITP provides to improve your plant’s energy efficiency and bottom line

For more information or to apply for the SEN program, please visit the Save Energy Now website (www.eere.energy.gov/industry/saveenergynow) or call 877-337-3463.