• ESG and Climate Impact Reporting

    Looking into what information goes into an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report, how companies elect to disclose such information, how rating organizations collect and weigh the relevant data, what companies disclose, and how they disclose it can feel a bit like falling down the proverbial rabbit hole. Today, there is no single, global standard

  • Getting a Greener Vocabulary

    Sustainability—Key Terms & Concepts The sustainability conversation has brought up a whole new vocabulary. Here are definitions of a few of the terms to help clarify the discussion. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are considered to fall in one of three categories (“scopes”): Scope 1 emissions are those that come directly from sources owned or controlled

  • Even More Training Opportunities from Your Insulation Industry Education Leader!

    Read all about the new and updated learning opportunities NIA offers individuals at all levels of their career—from beginner through expert—including online resources and professional development and certification-level courses. NIA can help you develop your skills, your people, and your business!

  • Insulation—Still Greener than Trees!

    In 2009, NIA researched whether insulation could compete with the efficiency of trees in reducing CO2 emissions. Now in 2021, with carbon emissions trending in the news, see how insulation stacks up against trees and other carbon-reducing technologies.

  • Whaddya Want Now?? Current Priority Concerns of Industrial Facility Owners and Managers for Mechanical Insulation Systems

    There is no silver bullet solution to meet all the needs of industrial facility customers, but a systems thinking approach to design and use of mechanical insulation can help you address all their requirements.

  • An Air Filtration Primer for Building Owners and Developers

    Whether the threat is COVID-19, the flu, or some other airborne pathogen, having an effective air filtration system in place can enhance the health and safety of building occupants. Read about strategies for improving indoor air quality in existing structures and new construction.

  • Managing Flanking Noise in Commercial, Industrial, and Mechanical Enclosures

    How well noise is controlled within a building has a tremendous effect on occupant comfort, productivity, and more. Read about everything you need to consider to manage acoustic challenges, so critical to address at the design stage.

  • 7 Ways to Enhance Architectural Acousics

    You can overcome common architectural acoustic challenges with this list of techniques for using insulation for sound control in a building.

  • 6 Core Competencies for Mechanical Insulation Site Foremen

    A project foreman’s responsibilities on commercial sites for the mechanical insulation trade can vary greatly from job to job. However, the keys to a successful project for both the customer and the contractor remain consistent across all job types. All site foremen must balance multiple priorities throughout the project, including system integrity, scope of responsibility,

  • Commercial Case Study: Insulation Is Insurance That Pays

    How one National Insulation Association (NIA) member met the insulation requirements on a high-visibility project, ensuring customer—and community—benefits into the future.