Announcing the 2019 Premier Industry Manufacturers

July 1, 2019

NIA's EVP/CEO Michele M. Jones says,

“We congratulate these NIA member companies for leading the way in this inaugural year. They have truly set a high bar in their achievements by setting the example.”

NIA’s 2019 Premier Industry Manufacturers are pictured above with NIA Executive Vice President and CEO Michele M. Jones and 2018–2019 NIA President Dan Bofinger

What it means for you

Look for this logo on select industry products and company materials. NIA member companies are at the leading edge of the insulation industry. These companies differentiate themselves by demonstrating their commitment to continuous improvement by participating in industry events and educational programs, and through peer-to-peer learning opportunities. NIA’s new Premier Industry Manufacturer designation was only given to 7 companies in 2019.

How the program works

The newly established award recognizes and distinguishes exemplary companies as industry advocates and leaders. Available exclusively to NIA member companies, the award rewards the top Manufacturer (Associate) members for their actions in 2018 that demonstrated leadership, commitment, and support to the mechanical insulation industry and NIA. Each of the winning companies participated in activities and actions that support NIA and the industry.Through this program, these manufacturers demonstrate to customers that their company is a recognized leader amongst their peers.


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