December 1, 2005

The newly created SAVE ENERGY NOW campaign designed by the Department of Energy educates the public about simple yet

effective energy choices, assists U.S. industry and the government in reducing energy use, and supports national goals for

energy security. SAVE ENERGY NOW is helping industrial plants find effective ways to reduce the amount of energy they use in

steam and process heating systems so they can operate more efficiently and profitably. This effort also addresses

energy-saving opportunities for compressed air, fan, motor and pumping systems.

The DOE is inviting NIA members to partner with them by communicating this opportunity to manufacturing facilities to help

them thrive during a time of diminished energy supplies and rising costs. We can help them save energy and money with this

program. Here’s what you need to know about this vital program:

Who can join Save Energy Now?

Companies, states, utilities, and other industry groups are invited to join this effort. By taking part, you will help

improve industrial energy efficiency and productivity while helping to ensure a reliable U.S. energy supply.

What does Save Energy Now provide to U.S. industry?

  • Energy Savings Assessments for the nation’s large, energy-intensive plants, performed by teams of energy efficiency


  • Priority energy assessments for small- and medium-sized plants, performed by teams from ITP’s university-based Industrial

    Assessment Centers (IAC).

  • Phone consultations and technical assistance provided by experts at the EERE Information Center.
  • Training, Webcasts and workshops on the use of ITP’s powerful software analysis tools and ways to improve efficiency and

    productivity throughout the plant.

  • Access to the Industrial Technology Program’s (ITP) extensive portfolio of helpful information, including tip sheets,

    case studies, handbooks and more.

  • Recognition on the ITP Web site.

What is an Energy Savings Assessment?

Energy Savings Assessments identify immediate and long-term opportunities to save energy and money in your plant, focusing on

steam or process heating systems. If your company is one of the large energy-using plants selected to receive an assessment,

a qualified energy efficiency expert will visit your site for several days and work with you to identify opportunities for

improving energy efficiency and your bottom line.

During your assessment, plant employees will work with the expert to help gather data, learn about software tools, and

perform a system analysis. There is no cost for the energy efficiency expert; however, the time invested by your plant’s

staff can yield benefits to your company in the future. Plants may apply individually, but groups of plants within the same

company are encouraged to apply jointly for these assessments.

If a plant is not selected for an Energy Savings Assessment, can they still benefit?

While only 200 Energy Savings Assessments will be performed, your company could still be eligible for a priority

assessment from one of ITP’s Industrial Assessment Centers, phone consultations, and informational materials to help you

address energy efficiency opportunities.

Who conducts these assessments?

Specialists in evaluating industrial energy systems conduct the assessments. These are industry experts who have

successfully completed the DOE Qualified Specialist program, which includes training in the use of sophisticated software

assessment tools and a rigorous qualifying exam.

How can my company participate?

Get started today. See the Save Energy Now Website at to apply for an assessment and to find out how to partner with ITP in this

important new initiative. Call the EERE Information Center (1-877-337-3463) to learn more.