Exploring Insulation Materials

October 1, 2012


insulations are defined by ASTM C1427,  Type I (preformed tubes) and Type II
(sheets). Note: the designations polyolefin and polyethylene refer to the same
type of material and are considered synonymous.

are flexible, closed cell insulation products. The maximum water permeability
values are 0.05 perm-inch and the maximum thermal conductivity is 0.35
BTU-in/hr sq ft°F at a mean temperature of 75°F.

preformed tubular insulation is available in ID size range from 3/8″ to 4 IPS
and in wall thicknesses from 3/8″ to 1″. The tubular product is available with
and without pre-applied adhesive. They are suitable for domestic plumbing
applications where the maximum temperature is below 200°F. The
polyethylene/polyolefin insulations are formulated to meet the flame spread
index of less than 25 and smoke developed index of less than 50.

materials are generally applied without additional vapor retarder facings. All
seams including termination points must be sealed with manufacturer recommended
contact adhesive. For outdoor applications, a weatherable jacket must be
applied to protect against UV and ozone damage.

Figure 1