Exploring Insulation Materials

September 1, 2012


Melamine insulation is a low-density, semi-rigid,
open-cell foam intended for use as thermal and sound absorbing insulation at
temperatures between -40°F and +350°F. ASTM C 1410 covers this material and
defines the following insulation types and grades:

The specification defines requirements for oxygen
index, optical
smoke density,
surface burning characteristics, density, tensile strength, percent elongation,
indentation force deflection, thermal conductivity, water vapor sorption,
linear shrinkage, and smoke toxicity.

For comparison purposes, the maximum thermal
conductivity at 75°F mean temperature is 0.30 Btu-in / h?ft²?F.

Melamine insulations find application to a variety
of industrial and process applications, including pharmaceutical, food-grade,
and clean room applications. The product is available unfaced or with a number
of different factory-applied jacketing systems.

Figure 1
Figure 2