Insulation Leaders: Get The Recognition You Deserve!

November 1, 2011

Share your insulation energy appraisal experience with the industry and be recognized as an Insulation Leader. Educate others about the value of mechanical insulation while promoting yourself and your company’s smart insulation investment and energy-efficiency decisions in a nationwide publication—it’s now easy!

Appraisers, facility/plant managers, and owners can submit case studies to Insulation Outlook. The information will be featured in an article about the energy appraisal, the insulation work done as a result, and the benefits the facility reaped from the project. Although specific information is welcome, company names and other identifying information can be left out of the article if required by a company’s confidentiality policy.

Companies from all industries and of all sizes are welcome—there is no minimum energy savings requirement. The insulation energy appraiser must be certified through the National Insulation Association (NIA).

Please fill out the Appraisal Information form and return it by e-mail to, by fax to 703-464-5896, or by mail to Insulation Outlook, 12100 Sunset Hills Road, Suite 330, Reston, VA 20190.

Your Rewards

You and your company will be recognized in Insulation Outlook magazine and through a press release from NIA, which will be made available for you to send to your customers as well. You’ll also receive extra copies of the issue in which your story appears, and you can order reprints of the article with your company’s logo and information to include in your sales and marketing packets.

Best of all, you’ll have documented your company’s dedication to saving energy and making your operations as efficient as possible while demonstrating a commitment to sustainability by reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. All through the most cost-effective, proven energy-saving technology available: mechanical insulation!