Johns Manville

May 1, 2023

Johns Manville

Assisting customers with professional development is a top priority for Johns Manville (JM). We offer a wide variety of free resources and services to help with everything from technical specification support to continuing education opportunities.

One of the best places to start is JM’s The Source, found on This free, innovative, online tool allows customers to stay up to date with the latest information in the industry.

The Source includes:

  • Frequently updated blogs, covering the latest industry trends and insights;
  • Educational webinars about a wide variety of industry topics;
  • Online training modules through Insulation Intel® University, focused on product application and installation;
  • Tools designed to make specifying insulation easier than ever; and
  • Instant access to all JM products and solutions, plus relevant information including product selection guides, data sheets, videos, installation instructions,
    and more.

We regularly update The Source with new content. Rather than just putting simple data sheets and technical information on our website, The Source is all-encompassing for industry info as well as JM specifics—perfect for contractors, distributors, facility owners, and engineers.

JM knows that specifying insulation is a big job, which is why we are glad to lend a hand. There are so many material options available, but through our technical specification support program, we help customers understand the strengths and limitations of the different options. We assist in tailoring their specifications to the requirements of each project.

The breadth of our product offerings sets JM apart. Because JM often has multiple products that can be considered for most applications, we can be very candid about not only the strengths of each product, but also their limitations. This allows us to offer our best product for every application. We have a full suite of hot, cold, and acoustic insulation products, as well as metal and PVC jacketing and accessories.

Another way that JM helps its customers is by actively listening and interacting. We have created customer-centric programming in the form of Product Information Workshops (PIWs), Engineering Advisory Councils (EACs) and Contractor Advisory Councils (CACs). These small-format opportunities allow JM to hear from customers, engineers, and contractors so we can learn more about what is desired, what challenges are being faced, and how JM can help. We take this feedback and act on it, developing new, innovative solutions that help push the industry forward.