Midwest Fasteners

May 1, 2023

Midwest Fasteners

Midwest Fasteners (Midwest), an industry leader in insulation fastening, offers many free services and resources to help users with insulation projects and products. Our website, www.midwestfasteners.com, offers a wide range of reference, training, and product information—available at no charge and online at all times.

In the Brochure shelves of the Literature Library, the basic Guide to Insulation Fastening, is available for download and printing. It covers all general types and applications of insulation fastening—from glue-on pins to self-stick, lacing anchor applications, and even pin-welding.

In the Videos section of our website, www.midwestfasteners.com, we have more detailed instruction on pin-welding and weld pin applications. There is a full set of how-to videos for pin-welding applications. These short-form, step-through demonstration videos range from setup to install and testing of various insulation welded fasteners. On welded fastener products, the videos cover everything from pin-welders to weld nails and cuphead weld pin insulation fasteners. Midwest also teamed up with NIA to create a 16-minute Guide to Insulation Fastening video that is available at www.niaeducationcenter.org/courses/47925#.

Found in the Equipment Manual section of the Literature Library are the complete range of equipment manuals for Midwest Fasteners’ branded equipment. SureShot, Talon, Eagle, and the full product array of Midwest pin and stud welders can be viewed or retrieved for online reference. Each manual features a step-by-step setup guide for using pin-welders with various fasteners, along with support graphics for all types of installation users. Parts lists, illustrations, electrical schematics, and troubleshooting guides complete each manual and assist pin-welding jobs and applications to the full degree.

Midwest is proud to continue to participate in apprenticeship training programs nationwide, as well as contractor and shop education classes throughout our markets. With scheduling through our Sales group, Midwest personnel can provide in-person, hands-on presentation of our full range of products, with special focus on pin-welding and the safety, use, and maintenance of pin-welding equipment.

At our plant in Ohio, home of manufacturing operations for our line of Midwest welding equipment, we provide equipment evaluation and repair to all kinds and brands of pin-welding equipment and components. While repairs are chargeable upon approval, we can often evaluate and recommend proper plans for older pin-welders, pin-guns, and fastener application equipment with free estimates. On-call technical assistance—by telephone (800-852-8352) or email (sales@midwestfasteners.com)—is handled by our Repair and Assembly staff in our in-house Tech Service Department, also at no charge.

Our Sales personnel, including our Inside Sales/Customer Service staff, is available by phone or email to recommend products, evaluate applications, troubleshoot insulation fastening problems, and provide a full range of assistance surrounding our manufactured products and those like them. Manufacturing since 1987, with an outstanding level of staff experience, Midwest can consult on projects from design to installation.

Finally, the complete Midwest Fasteners Catalog (available for download at midwestfasteners.com or in hard copy) features the Midwest Fasteners complete manufactured line part detail and specifications for sales, take-off, and submission needs. Each product page is available for download, print, or email use—all in user-friendly, easy-to-understand formats—at no charge to users.