MTL Product Catalog: Insulation Manufacturers and Distributors: Interested in Reaching More Customers?

August 1, 2013

Looking for a way to get end users to find your
product? Do you want to increase traffic to your website? NIA has an excellent
opportunity for businesses looking to increase customer exposure: the
Manufacturers Technical Literature (MTL) Product Catalog. Thousands turn to
NIA’s website,,, for insulation resources; we created
the MTL Product Catalog on our site as a way to help companies bring their
product information directly to those who need it. The MTL Product Catalog is
easily searchable, user-friendly, and you can update your content 24 hours a
day at your convenience. You can also upload unlimited PDFs, so you have
complete control of the content your company offers. Additionally, the MTL
Product Catalog is linked to the Mechanical Insulation Design Guide (MIDG) as
part of the National Institute of Building Sciences’ Whole Building Design
Guide, which explains how to design an insulation system. The MIDG walks users
through the design considerations and provides information on the performance,
use, testing, and standardization of thermal insulation for mechanical systems
in building and industrial facilities. Users are able to choose the
insulation material type that is best for their project and find a vendor on
the MTL Product Catalog. Are you listed or is your competitor?

This guide is accessed by
approximately 10,500 users per month. Approximately 75% of these users access
information specifically on design, specifications, and insulation materials
and systems, representing a significant potential client base that has direct
access to the MTL Product Catalog. This partnership represents the only online
resource that takes users through a step-by-step process to choose the best
insulation product for their project. Combining the authority and knowledge of
the MIDG with the user-friendly MTL Product Catalog allows customers to
purchase insulation products with confidence.

The MTL Product Catalog
makes it simple for end-users to find the right product, read detailed product
descriptions, and contact the manufacturer or a distributor to purchase it.

New to the MTL—Now You Can Add Your Product and
Installation Videos

NIA is currently adding brand new features to the
MTL Product Catalog to increase the number of resources available for the site’s
visitors. In addition to the content specified above, the MTL Product Catalog 
will have the insulation science glossary; product data sheets; links to
specifications; a listing  of  all NIA manufacturers, members, and distributors;
and product and insulation videos. We are adding these new sections
specifically to ensure the MTL Product Catalog is a one-stop shop for those
looking for guidance on insulation from planning through installation.

Upcoming Marketing Efforts

There has never been a better
time to advertise in the MTL Product Catalog! NIA is in the midst of a
marketing campaign explaining the new updates to the MTL Product Catalog and
expressing its unparalleled value. We expect this and ongoing advertising
efforts to significantly increase web traffic to the MTL Product Catalog. These
efforts are targeting members of organizations like ASHRAE, ASME, engineers,
specifiers, code officials, building and facility owners and managers, and
readers of Insulation Outlook.

Companies looking to make the
most of their advertising efforts will find that now is the best time to
advertise in the MTL Product Catalog. Visit for
more information—don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to get your content
to consumers!