MTL Product Catalog: Looking for Insulation Information? Here is the Technical Information You Need for Your Next Project!

August 1, 2013

Are you trying to find the
right type of insulation material for your job but don’t want to search website
after website? Do you want to quickly and easily compare insulation products?
Are you looking for a source to answer all your questions? You’ve found it: The
MIDG and MTL Product Catalog!

NIA has a
tremendous resource available for those who are looking for information on
design specifications and insulation materials. The online MTL Product Catalog
is the only online library of technical product literature for the insulation
industry. It is perfect for finding materials for your specifications and
finding information on newly developed products. Categories of insulation
materials are listed on the main page, as well as participating companies, so
you can easily search and find the manufacturers and distributors and their
products with one click. From your search results, choose the product
literature to find out more about the specific product and its physical
properties. Companies can list their spec sheets, their Material Safety Data
Sheets (MSDS), installation guides, and marketing brochures. Businesses can
also update their data around the clock, giving you access to the most updated
information and insulation products. The MTL Product Catalog also contains
contact information for distributors and manufacturers and links to
participating companies’ websites so you can contact them for more information
or to purchase products. It is an invaluable asset. Why waste time searching
for individual manufacturers and scanning their websites for information when
you can find it all on one website?

Not even sure what type of
insulation material you might need? Let the Mechanical Insulation Design Guide
(MIDG) walk you through all the design considerations and help you figure it

The MTL Product Catalog is also linked with the
Mechanical Insulation Design Guide (MIDG). Drawing on information from industry
experts and trusted resources, the MIDG website provides a easy to use
step-by-step guide on how to design an insulation system and choose the
insulation materials for your next project. It takes you through design
considerations such as abuse resistance, condensation control, energy
conservation, economics, fire safety, freeze protection, maintenance, noise
control, personnel protection, and process control. The MIDG provides simple
calculators and is a comprehensive source of information on the performance,
use, testing, and standardization of thermal insulation in buildings and
industrial facilities. Users are able to choose the insulation material type
that is best for their project and find a vendor on the MTL Product Catalog.
the MTL Product Catalog in combination with the MIDG can solve all your design
and specification problems and provide a wealth of useful information on
products, businesses, and project planning.

The MTL Product Catalog is located on NIA’s
website at, and the MIDG can be found at

New for 2013!

NIA is working on adding new resources to the site
to make the MTL Product Catalog a completely comprehensive guide for anyone
looking for information on insulation products for a project, design, or
specification. It now includes links to the insulation science glossary; product data sheets; specifications; complete lists of
NIA manufacturers, distributors, and members; product
and insulation
videos; and more. There is no other site that offers this depth of information
combined with high levels of insulation expertise.